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Create a Safer Work Environment, Boost Compliance, And Improve Efficiency.
Digitize Work Processes, Substantially Reduce Errors, Streamline Compliance.
Liquor Filling Equipment

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Preliminary Evaluation

Evaluate Based on Production Target, Product Characteristic and Marketing Plan.

Parameter Design

Analyze and Design Technical Parameter of Your Engineering Project.

Proposal Confirmation

Confirm Project Proposal According to Discussion and Drawing of Your Layout.

Manufacture Supervision

Make up and Supervise Manufacture Progress Till Passingfinal Factory Acceptance Test of Whole System.

Personnel Training

Lmprove Technical Level of Operators as Well as Operative Skills of the Equipment.

Actionable Insights Drive Continuous Improvement

Newamstar is committed to upholding a spirit of craftsmanship, continuously inheriting and innovating to create intelligent factories for customers worldwide. Their aim is to help customers control operating costs, improve product quality, ensure product safety, and efficiently meet customer needs. By working closely with their clients, Newamstar forges ahead towards a glorious future.
Coca Cola - Technical Engineer
With a focus on high-end market positioning and technology innovation, Newamstar invests substantial funds in research and development each year. By actively investing in software and hardware, they have established a strong production R&D capability. From their initial equipment to more than 2,200 production lines, Newamstar has demonstrated continuous growth and success.
Yosef Sekdmd
Beverage Industry Association - Researcher
One of the key strengths of Newamstar is their ability to offer turnkey solutions, which means they provide integrated systems that encompass all stages of the packaging process. This includes equipment for bottle blowing, filling, capping, labeling, and packaging. By providing complete packaging lines, Newamstar ensures seamless integration and optimized efficiency in the production process.
George Whitemore
Pepsi - Production Manager

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Once we've spent some quality time getting to know each other, discussing the details of your project and our role in bringing it to life, it's time to make our relationship official. We’ll write a contract detailing your project that includes the scope of work, a timeline, and the cost. Once we agree and sign, it's time to dive right in!

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