Daodaoquan and Newamstar Join Hands to Build Intelligent Oil Production Base

In southern spring, golden rape flowers can be seen everywhere. On the field, the breeze blows, and the golden waves fluctuate continuously, which is pleasing to the eye. Rapeseed can be processed into rapeseed oil, among which the content of oleic acid and linoleic acid beneficial to human body ranks first among all kinds of vegetable oils, which can effectively promote the smooth blood vessels of the middle-aged and elderly people and take care of the health of patients with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. At the same time, rapeseed oil is also rich in a variety of essential nutrients for human body, which has the functions of anti-aging, anti-mutation and improving human immunity.

As the largest rapeseed oil producer in the Yangtze River Basin, Daodaoquan grain and Oil Co., Ltd. selects high-quality rapeseed in Dongting Lake area as raw materials and adopts the production process of combining traditional technology and modern science to launched eight series and 32 specifications of products, mainly flavored rapeseed oil and pressed edible oil, including tea seed oil, corn oil, soybean oil, blended oil, catering oil and gift oil. The company was officially listed in 2017 and became the “first share of rapeseed oil” of A-share market. The cooperation between Newamstar and Daodaoquan group is due to the rapeseed oil project. The cooperation between the two sides witnessed the strategic deployment of the national production capacity layout of Daodaoquan group, seized the development opportunities of the Yangtze River economic belt, and promoted the continuous upgrading of the whole industrial chain, value chain and supply chain.

As a modern and internationally advanced edible oil processing, refining, oil storage and transportation trade base in the Yangtze River Delta, Daodaoquan Jingjiang factory adheres to the goal of “industry 4.0” in the production process, and has carried out all-round introduction, development and integration of intelligent equipment and information system, in order to lead the traditional grain and oil production to high-end manufacturing intelligent manufacturing and flexible manufacturing. The positioning of Daodaoquan group for the factory coincides with the concept of intelligent production and storage integration advocated by Newamstar.

Therefore, Daodaoquan group finally entrusted the turnkey project of design, manufacturing, installation and commissioning of intelligent packaging line to Newamstar for implementation after several rounds of repeated comparison and careful investigation, including two 6,600 BPH (5L), one 3,300 BPH (4.5L), one 2,000 BPH (1.8L) and one 1,200 BPH (10L) edible oil filling production lines. The project is made with ingenuity and bright spots.

1. Intelligent production line: from bottle blowing to palletizing, it has a high degree of automation. It is equipped with communication module to realize the real-time collection of equipment data, which provides a solid foundation for enterprise ERP, MES and other advanced applications.

2. Scientific layout Zoning: packaging material preparation area and packaging area are separated. Bottle preform, handles, labels, lifting rings and other packaging materials are sent from the second floor to various equipment of the production line on the first floor through the conveying system. On the one hand, it creates space conditions for automatic packaging material delivery, on the other hand, it makes the equipment use area on the first floor more reasonable and spacious, which is conducive to personnel operation.

3. Unmanned scheduling of packaging materials: the packaging materials used by the production line equipment are dispatched through the intelligent warehouse and sent to the designated packaging material loading station by the AGV vehicle, which does not need personnel operation to save labor.

4. Stable and intelligent filling system: the filling machine adopts the weighing filling method and is equipped with a back suction device to ensure the filling accuracy and no drip and leakage, and ensure the filling environment is hygienic. The weighing system is equipped with a feedback system, which can automatically correct the weighing weight and ensure the requirements of filling net weight.

5. Nitrogen filling fresh-keeping technology: fill liquid nitrogen before filling to replace the air at the bottle mouth and avoid oil oxidation, so that can improve shelf life and protect product quality and safety.

6. Whole process online detection system: equipped with unqualified visual detection system for bottle body coding, filling and capping, label, lifting ring and carton code spraying, which not only reduces personnel intervention and operation, saves labor cost, but also further ensures the quality of product packaging.

7. Seamless connection between intelligent warehouse and production line: under the control of WMS warehouse computer management software, the stacked products are automatically distributed according to variety, batch and other information, and automatically transported to the stereoscopic warehouse. When delivery is required, the pick-up task is automatically realized under the control of WMS according to the principle of “first in first out”, and the goods are automatically transported to the loading area through automatic equipment. The operation of inbound and outbound speeds up the efficiency of goods storage and delivery, improves the utilization of space, reduces the labor cost, and realizes the overall optimization of the system.

8. Whole process traceability system: at the production end, the bottle cap is equipped with a unique QR code. Through the code reading system, bottles, boxes and pallets are associated level by level to realize online tracking, and a traceability platform for the whole process quality management of products is established.

9. Intelligent production line management system: it can monitor the operation data and fault data of various equipment of the production line in real time, analyze and process them in time to improve the production efficiency. At the same time, it can automatically generate the production line data report according to the needs of the enterprise, and the system can count all-round data such as energy consumption, loss, maintenance, fault handling, daily operation and material demand, so as to realize unmanned and paperless management, it is convenient for high-level decision-making and overall planning of enterprises.

10. Realize promotional bundling packaging: two independent production lines can not only independently package their respective specifications, but also realize the design of 5L bundling small bottles through the bundling machine, so as to meet the needs of promotional packaging, improve production efficiency and market competitiveness, and reduce labor costs.

At present, the five automatic production lines of Daodaoquan Jingjiang factory have all entered the production state, and the high-quality products such as rapeseed oil are sold all over the country to meet the consumer demand for big brands and high quality.

With the continuous improvement of people’s living standards and the acceleration of urbanization, the total amount of nutritious, natural, safe and delicious edible oil will continue to maintain a rigid growth trend. In this process, the Daodaoquan group will always adhere to the scientific and technological ingenuity to achieve the way of diet and health, constantly increase investment and innovation in informatization and automation, make continuous progress and stay in the forefront of the industry. Newamstar will also give further play to its own advantages, provide more intelligent product solutions, offer healthy preservation products for the people together with Daodaoquan, and help Daodaoquan realize the brand concept of “morality and justice are supreme, Taoism is natural, and wholeheartedly for you”.