Hainan Coconut Palm Group Chooses Newamstar Equipment to Expedite Mineral Water Production Line Construction

Hainan is located at the southernmost tip of China. It is separated from Guangdong by the Qiongzhou Strait in the north, faces Vietnam across the Gulf of Tonkin in the west, overlooks Taiwan Island across the South China Sea in the east, and borders the Philippines, Brunei and Malaysia in the South China Sea to the south. Its unique geographical location, abundant tourism resources, and over 1,500 km of scenic coastline blessed with ample sunshine make it a bright and sunny place.

Hainan has a long history and profound migrant culture, nurturing generations of outstanding talents. The textile innovator Huang Daopo in the Yuan Dynasty, the famous clean official Hai Rui in the Ming Dynasty, and the great patriots and communists like Song Qingling… Their stories reflect Hainan’s unique ancient exiled official culture and Hainan revolutionary culture. Thus, the classic “The Red Detachment of Women” became Hainan’s business card.

If the mangroves and coral reefs imprint visual impressions of Hainan, then the coconut palms, coconut juice and precious natural mineral spring water from volcanic rocks present Hainan through taste. Today, let’s once again turn our attention to the renowned Hainan Coconut Palm Group.

Upholding the corporate spirit of “Integrity, Pragmatism, Innovation, Excellence”, the Coconut Palm Group rooted in Hainan Island is a typical ethnic beverage enterprise that propels agriculture with industry, mainly producing Coconut Palm Group brand natural beverages. Relying on its technological, resource, environmental and brand advantages, it has engaged in fierce competition with domestic and foreign competitors in the local market, gaining a firm foothold and fully demonstrating its prowess as a national banquet brand, becoming the symbol and representative of ethnic beverages.

Established in 1956, after reforms the Coconut Palm Group created a miracle drawing nationwide attention, developing a Haikou Canning Factory that was on the verge of bankruptcy with a deficit of just 20,000 RMB (predecessor of Coconut Palm Group) into China’s largest natural plant protein beverage producer. It possesses world-class production technology and large-scale automated production capacity. As the only Chinese beverage top ten enterprise with two Chinese Famous Brand titles, it is also the only enterprise that has four beverages on the national banquet menu.

As one of the four national banquet beverages, Volcanic Rock Mineral Water is sourced from spring water on the deep strata of volcanic rocks at Mananling that have been dormant for over 100,000 years in Hainan. Naturally mildly desalinated for over 15,000 years, and enriched with various trace elements beneficial to human health from long-term effects of the volcanic rocks, the water has a naturally sweet quality. It is currently the first precious natural mineral spring water discovered in China from volcanic rock. In May 2001 it was selected by the Diaoyutai State Guesthouse as the “Chinese State Banquet Beverage” for receiving foreign heads of state and dignitaries. In the same year, it was rated as “Famous Chinese Beverage” by China Beverage Industry Association.

In 2009, Newamstar collaborated with Coconut Palm Group on an automatic bottle unscrambler project for the first time. With both sides having good feelings, broader prospects emerged. In 2010, Newamstar and Hainan Coconut Palm Group joined hands again, successfully signing contracts for a 36,000 bph bottled mineral water production line and 2,000 bph 3-5L large bottle water production line. The former adds bottle disinfection functionality on the traditional triple-in-one basis, capable of simultaneously producing 350ml and 550ml two bottle specs. It is currently the domestic mineral water production line with the largest capacity, most advanced design and most stable production. Its main equipment carries forward Newamstar’s fine traditions of stable, reliable and high-speed equipment. The production line efficiency reaches over 90%, greatly enhancing equipment performance and maintainability, also meeting Coconut Palm Group’s requirements for the production line’s economy, high speed and energy conservation.

Economic development leads to stable and prosperous life, also greatly elevating national health awareness. This has quietly transformed household drinking water habits, with 3-5L large bottles gradually emerging as new favorites in the drinking water market. The expanded market landscape and consumption trends have triggered a new round of competition among leading domestic and foreign enterprises like Coconut Palm Group.

As a leading domestic beverage packaging machinery manufacturer, Newamstar has long foreseen market trends and closely follows market development. Since 2007, five large bottle water production line models with different capacities have been successively developed, capable of meeting different user demands. Thus, through market research, Coconut Palm Group naturally set sight on Newamstar, while determining the capacity at 2,000 bph for producing 3L and 5L bottled water. For bottle cap design, unique ingenuity was applied by combining the advantages of the anti-theft caps for small bottles and clever caps for barreled water into a “cap in cap” design. This bottle cap has two opening switches. The inside first switch is a clever cap seal with internal and external threads (traditional clever caps have no threads). The second switch is an anti-theft cap screwed tight over the clever cap. This bottle cap is suitable for large bottled water. After unscrewing the anti-theft cap, it can be placed on a water dispenser for use, or the clever cap can be unscrewed again for direct pouring. As the bottle cap adopts two-switch sealing, the effect is very good, with water shelf life the same as small bottles at 1.5 years, ensuring quality for long-distance transportation. To meet Coconut Palm Group’s high quality requirements, Newamstar with powerful R&D capabilities, through prudent and meticulous design and precise processing, successfully delivered a complete production line meeting requirements on time to Hainan Coconut Palm Group Volcanic Mineral Water’s production base, which smoothly went into operation and won high praise and approval from Coconut Palm Group’s senior management.

This second cooperation between Newamstar and Coconut Palm Group is of extraordinary significance. Not only has it consolidated Newamstar’s position in high-speed water lines in the southern market, it has also promoted Coconut Palm Group’s strategic adjustment of bottled water and enhanced its products’ market competitiveness.

The charm of Hainan, the delicious Coconut Palm, with the blue sky and sea as witness, and the ends of the earth as testimony, Newamstar and Coconut Palm Group’s cooperation will connect in friendship for eternity!