Newamstar Assists Zhongfu Industry in Bottled Water Production Technology Upgrade

Zhuhai Zhongfu Industry Co., Ltd. is the first listed company in China’s packaging industry and the largest polyester beverage bottle production base in China. It is an excellent supplier of beverage packaging containers for China’s beverage industry. With its dazzling honors and glories, Zhongfu keeps up with the times, follows international beverage packaging development trends, constantly develops new high-quality products, achieves internationalization of PET bottle production quality, scale, and localization of production bases, as well as a series of arduous goals such as product seriesization and supporting facilities. It leads the application trend of PET bottles for beverage packaging in China, accompanying the Chinese beverage packaging industry towards the world stage.

Today’s Zhongfu enjoys unlimited glory and brilliance. It has over 80 factories and many subsidiaries in more than 30 cities nationwide and overseas, nearly 7,500 employees, and outstanding scale and strength. Zhongfu offers a wide variety of products, from preforms, PET bottles to bottle caps, labels, and beverage contract filling services, from bottled water to barrelled water, from paper cups to cartons. It not only provides segmented services for individual products, but also one-stop services for all products.

Blazing trails and striving forward all along, Zhongfu has undoubtedly become one of China’s PET bottle specialty production enterprises with the most complete production equipment, most advanced technology, and largest scale. While providing food and beverage container packaging for domestic famous beverage manufacturers, it has obtained quality certification from the two major international beverage companies Coca-Cola and Pepsi, and has been designated to provide filling and packaging services for their beverages, thus becoming the two companies’ largest co-packers in China. It is no exaggeration to say that wherever there are Coca-Cola and Pepsi factories, there are Zhongfu’s footprints, relying on each other through rain and storm.

Recalling 1982, when post-reform and opening up China began to emerge on the world stage, Zhongfu’s founder Mr. Huang Lefu started his undertaking in the Pearl River Delta region embraced by the spring breeze of reform. The wheels of time sped to 1996, when Zhongfu was listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, becoming the first listed company in China’s burgeoning packaging industry. Over the past 27 years, based on excellent performance in profitability, growth and customer relations, Zhuhai Zhongfu has firmly established its leading position.

At the same time, Newamstar, which emerged in the private economic circle of the Yangtze River Delta region, was also advancing rapidly. Looking nationwide, our sights were fixed on Zhongfu. We have been keeping close attention to Zhongfu’s development dynamics, maintaining close contact and intimate cooperation with this heavyweight strategic partner.

In 2004, Newamstar launched Asia’s first PET beer bottle filling machine. Coincidentally, in the same year, the PET beer bottle developed by Zhongfu was approved by the Ministry of Science and Technology and included in the national new product plan. This established the upstream and downstream supplier relationship between the two parties, as well as the upstream and downstream supply chain relationship for the same product, opening a convenient door for future win-win cooperation.

In 2006, the first year of the “11th Five-Year Plan”, cooperation between the two parties kicked off. From conventional equipment to core equipment, from love at first sight to kindred spirits, the scope of cooperation has continuously expanded and the level of cooperation has steadily improved, with cooperative friendship warming all the way.

In 2010, Newamstar successfully developed China’s first 36,000 bottles/hour high-speed PET bottle blow-fill-cap monobloc machine, which was successfully running at Coca-Cola co-packer Nanjing Maoding Company. During the same period, to cater to market demand and environmental needs, Zhongfu was preparing to vigorously promote bottle lightweighting. Upon learning this major news, Zhongfu also accelerated investigation and screening of domestic suppliers like Newamstar.

Through a series of meticulous investigations and business communications, in April 2011 Zhongfu Group and Newamstar successfully signed contracts for 2 sets of 36,000 bottles/hour (550ml) lightweight bottle blow-fill-cap monobloc complete line projects, including a 35 ton/hour water treatment equipment certified by Pepsi.

The 36,000 bottles/hour lightweight blow-fill-cap monobloc machine is the highest-speed domestically produced blow-fill-cap monobloc system put into operation so far. Its innovative technology, flexible design, stringent manufacturing, and leading process ensure stable bottle forming quality, accurate filling precision, and tight capping. This represents the close combination and key breakthrough of major technologies and actual productive forces in the beverage industry. Through this project cooperation, Newamstar has not only set an industry model for high-end equipment manufacturing, but also demonstrated the courage and spirit of Newamstar people’s pioneering efforts, winning praises from senior experts and elites while eliciting emotional resonance from partners.

Confidence stems from strength, service from sincerity. With the strong cooperation of Newamstar’s technology, R&D, production and other departments, the production line was installed, commissioned and operated on schedule at Zhongfu. At this moment, excitement, joy and elation fill the air. At this moment, pride, glory and happiness fly freely in our hearts.

The Pearl River and the Yangtze River flow on ceaselessly. Zhongfu and Newamstar gallop shoulder to shoulder. In nearly 30 years of development, they have exerted incredible power in their respective expertise. We firmly believe that for the common market and toward the same goal, Newamstar and Zhongfu will join forces to build national brands and jointly commit to the development of China’s light industry, achieving a powerhouse cooperation that adds splendor!