Newamstar BFC Combiblock Production Line Empowers Runtian Water

To go sightseeing in Moon Mountain, for the bright moon, meditation and farming fun, please come to Yichun City; To visit the former residence of the famous poet Tao Yuanming and Bai Juyi to feel the great literary grace of the masters, please come to Jiujiang City; To explore the “red cradle” and recall the great Jinggangshan spirit, please come to Ji ‘an City. Three different cities are with three kinds of scenery and culture, while these cities all own a God-given good water, which is called ‘Runtian’.

Jiangxi Runtian Industrial Co., LTD., headquartered in Nanchang, is a state-owned joint stock Company, dedicated to the production and operation of natural beverages and food. For more than 20 years, Runtian has been adhering to product quality, with the concept of “returning to nature and caring health”, to produce healthy and good water and build a name brand of high-end mineral water.

The cooperation between Runtian and Newamstar can be traced back to 2011, started from 6,000BPH(4L) water filling line, to the latest 36,000BPH Combiblock production line, Newamstar has provided over 10 lines to Runtian. After these lines were put into production smoothly, Runtian bottled water business was boosted and meanwhile, the friendship with Newamstar was sublimated greatly.

In recent years, in order to speed up the pace of market development, Runtian deepens the reform, strengthens the management, adopts the advanced science and technology, creates the ingenuity quality, and provides the guarantee for the consumer to drink healthy water. To meet the growing market demand, Runtian decided to expand its production capacity at its Jiujiang base (Jiangxi Province, China) in April, 2018.

To this end, Runtian invited a number of equipment suppliers to participate in the project bidding, and Newamstar is the only one domestic equipment supplier selected. Finally, Runtian chose Newamstar as the supplier of their 36,000BPH Combiblock production line. This positive result was generated by good cooperation foundation in the previous projects, and Newamstar’s R & D ability, excellent machining accuracy, strong final assembly capacity and continuous considerate service also deeply impressed on the Runtian team. Over the years, Newamstar has always been steadfast, adhering to its main business, sticking to quality, innovation, constant optimization and upgradation. Orientating to meet the customers’ needs, Newamstar provides customers with high-quality products with easy operation and managing, so as to help customers realize the improvement of benefits and better development.

Combiblock is one of the knock-out products of Newamstar, with a well-known reputation in the global liquid packaging machinery industry. Newamstar has successively built China’s first 36,000BPH Combiblock, first 51,000BPH Combiblock and the first 80,000BPH Combiblock in China. Newamstar Combiblock lines have been also widely installed in many famous brand enterprises, such as Coca Cola, C’estbon, Ganten, Wahaha and Nestle etc., and all of the lines have been highly recognized by these customers.

Under the active cooperation and joint efforts of both sides, the production line was delivered to the site on schedule and put into production smoothly. Runtian highly rated the Newamstar Combiblock line, not only the production line technology, but also the service. Soon after, on the basis of good cooperation in Jiujiang (Jiangxi province, China) project, Runtian and Newamstar reached another cooperation again, which is one more 36,000BPH Combiblock production line in their Ji ‘an (Jiangxi province, China) factory.

Adhering to quality brings the great achievements to Runtian, driving such an outstanding enterprise to forge ahead and develop, promote the high-quality development of drinking water industry. Newamstar and Runtian are gathering new strength together to lead a new starting point, joining hands towards to “the14th Five Year Plan “, and creating the new splendor.