Newamstar Built an Intelligent Drinking Water Plant for Mountain Spring

Oman, full name as the Sultanate of Oman, is located in West Asia, southeastern Arabian Peninsula, guarding the world’s most important oil export channel–the Strait of Hormuz between the Persian Gulf and the Gulf of Oman.

Oman, one of the oldest countries in the Arabian Peninsula, had conducted extensive maritime and overland trade activities in 2000 BC, and became the shipbuilding center of the Arabian Peninsula. Oman began mining oil in the 1960s. Gas, oil and gas industries are the pillar industries of Oman, with oil and gas revenue accounting for 68% of national fiscal revenue and 41% of GDP.

Regions in Oman except for the northeast mountains are all tropical desert climate. There are two seasons throughout the year. From May to October, with a temperature of more than 40℃, the local drinking water market has attracted competition from all sides, including the famous Investment Cooperation Company, who started its business in the construction industry.

Seeing the booming drinking water market demand, Investment Cooperation launched its own drinking water brand Mountain Spring, with high-quality water sources, high-quality products and fast services, firmly rooted in the local drinking water market, and was quickly loved and sought after by local consumers.

Love at first sight, with single-hearted devotion

Back in 2019, Investment Cooperation began conducting in-depth worldwide research on launching of the first bottled water production line. From the brief communication at the exhibition to the visit of Newamstar headquarters, from the warm encounter of the exhibition to the later many technical discussions between the two sides, Investment Cooperation Company and Newamstar have conducted frequent in-depth and extensive project exchanges, and finally the two sides have carried out cooperation smoothly.

Given Investment Cooperation has no experience in plant designing and production for packaging drinking water. Newamstar has carefully designed the project which impressed customers deeply. Whether it is the selection of equipment, the design of packaging materials, the improvement of service during the project implementation, professional training and even the suggestions on marketing and promotion in the later stage, Investment Cooperation Company can quickly get familiar with and get through the production and sales of packaged drinking water in a short period of time, and reap great economic benefits and good market feedback. All this is the key to our success in winning the favor of many customers at home and abroad and maintaining close cooperation with customers.

Investment Cooperation’s bottled drinking water plant lies in the mountains, and its bottled water brand Mountain Spring breeds between the clean and crisp mountains. The brand logo, just like the ancient characters, carrying the strong cultural atmosphere of Nizwa ancient city, plus the novel packaging design and excellent product quality, has attracted the attention of many consumers. Therefore, Mountain Spring bottled water quickly became popular in the market and a local image product.

Service accompanied, seek common development

In the face of the highly competitive packaged drinking water market, Investment Cooperation is always confident, because Newamstar’s high-quality production line equipment and full life-cycle services for customers are the strong backing for customers to seize the market.

The 24,000BPH Combiblock water production line in Investment Cooperation factory has been running 24 hours a day since its production date, releasing the confidence and determination of the new brand to the outside world.

Project installation and commissioning period is still remarkable to us. When the production line arrived at the customer’s factory as scheduled, although the world was still in the peak period of the epidemic, in order to repay the trust of customers, the project engineering team overcame various difficulties and completed the installation and commissioning of the production line with high efficiency and high quality, to ensure that the production line could be delivered to customers on schedule. At the installation and commissioning site, every section of conveyor, pipe gallery, various equipment on the production line under the efforts of the Newamstar engineering team, was installed like building blocks, and finally an efficient and stable operation of bottled water blowing and filling production line presented in front of the customers.

Treat each other sincerely, to win not only the development of the market, but also the growth of the enterprise itself. Enterprises from two different countries, although separated from mountains and seas, have always been heart to heart and hand in hand, supporting each other and developing together in the economic environment of the epidemic.

Building an ideal factory is the mission of the Newamstar people. In recent years, the new production line has blossomed everywhere in the Middle East, effectively promoting the regional economic take-off. In the future, Newamstar will empower the industry with technology, drive the development with innovation, and bring oriental greetings and blessings to many customers, so that “Star” will, as always, serve the whole world.