Newamstar Carbonated Beverage Can Production Lines Penetrate Middle East Market

As we all know, among the dazzling packaging materials, aluminum cans are widely used for beer, carbonated drinks and juice beverages packaging due to their light weight, tightness, shatter resistance and other advantages.

With the recovery of the international economy and clarification of the domestic economy, the canned beverage market shows a strong growth momentum. Packaging companies well-versed in market operations have started another round of contests. As a leading enterprise in China’s beer and beverage packaging industry, Newamstar keeps abreast of the times and has launched a full-scale effort. On the basis of existing products, R&D efforts have been strengthened, and models of 300cpm, 400cpm, 500cpm and 600cpm have been successively developed to meet the demands for medium and high-end beer and beverage filling equipment.

Currently, Newamstar’s can production lines have been successfully applied in many well-known domestic beer and beverage companies like San Miguel and Qingyuan Beer, and exported to 12 countries and regions including Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Southeast Asia, winning good reputation from customers.

Among domestic and overseas can users, Israeli company YAZE has left a deep impression on us. The company is the designated processor of the 7UP brand under Pepsi in Palestine, with over 70 years of history and four generations’ meticulous operation, it has become the largest local beverage brand, mainly supplying the local market and Egypt, occupying 35% of the market share and wielding great market influence and appeal. From the contact with YAZE, we felt not only their professional attitude, but more importantly, YAZE’s corporate philosophy, tenacity and indomitable spirit in conducting business, and the understanding of the meaning of life and yearning for peace gleaned from the ravages of war, a manifestation of the dynamism of a strong ethnic group.

Tracing back seven years ago, our old friend Mr. Salam from Libya introduced a group of Middle Eastern customers to visit our factory, including one of YAZE’s shareholders and two technical staff accompanying them. Although it was only a hurried 15-minute visit and exchange, it established initial contact for our future cooperation, and made us start paying more attention to the Middle East and the local beverage market.

One afternoon five years ago, opening the familiar email, pictures of beautiful homes being ruthlessly bombed and destroyed came into view, bleak and in ruins. The customer said directly that this was the situation they had to face every day, war on one side, survival on the other. People worked and lived cautiously, with only prayers left, praying for peace to come soon. The heart-wrenching scene and silent cries could only be silently witnessed by us.

One day in 2010, our old friend suddenly asked about carbonated beverage cooling equipment for cans. We integrated technical information to inquire relevant details, and recommended a design scheme to the customer at the first instance. Not long after, the customer further asked about can filling production lines. Through consultation, discussion and improvement, tailor-made, in November 2010 Newamstar formally signed with YAZE for a 300cpm carbonated can production line, capable of filling 202 openings of 330ml and 204 openings of 250ml aluminum cans simultaneously. This was the first time our company used different can lid specs for capping on the same can production line, breaking the pattern of one filler only able to handle one can opening product, an innovation and attempt in can technology. In early 2011, the production line was successfully installed, commissioned and put into production in Israel, gaining the customer’s recognition and praise. This was the first beverage filling production line we provided for the post-war Palestinian state, as well as the first multi-spec can opening compatible can filling production line.

Through this cooperation and integration, YAZE’s trust in our technical strength and after-sales service increased, fully affirming and approving our machining and production management of components. What Newamstar provided was not just equipment, but quality service and attentive care for details, because we deeply know that “only diamonds can cut diamonds, only the strong can serve the strong”. Today, Newamstar and Israeli company YAZE have formed a good cooperative partnership, discussing technical details and communicating Middle East market operations with each other, sharing the vision for a better future.

A splendid model project allowed us to get acquainted with a group of people who love peace. We look forward to the Middle East peace issue being resolved at an early date through the joint efforts of the whole world, so that suffering souls can return to tranquility, and families no longer displaced.

Let us pray together for peace, cheer for YAZE, and wish our can production lines to bring new income and hope to YAZE, while wishing YAZE greater vitality and endurance!