Newamstar Combiblock Assists Wahaha’s Intelligent Upgrade

The Chinese beverage market has maintained amazing vitality and growth rate for a long time, thanks to China’s huge consumer population and beverage producers’ continuous innovation, upgrading and iteration of products. As a leader in the domestic beverage industry, Wahaha has insisted on innovation and continuously enriched its product portfolio since its establishment, always at the industry forefront. As the leading domestic beverage packaging machinery enterprise, Newamstar has been bonded with Wahaha since its inception. From traditional 5-gallon production lines to one-time large packaging BFC Combiblock production lines for water, from high-speed BFC Combiblock production lines for purified water to high-speed BFC Combiblock production lines for carbonated beverages, the cooperation between the two parties has become increasingly close.

Under the trend of faster and faster changes in the beverage consumption market, versatile production lines that can produce multiple product types have become the new choice for beverage producers. Since 2015, Wahaha and Newamstar have cooperated on BFC Combiblock technology. Newamstar tailor-made a high-speed 48,000 bottles/hour BFC Combiblock production line for Wahaha’s Yichang plant. The excellent performance of the production line has been highly recognized by Wahaha. After four years, the two parties joined hands again. Newamstar tailor-made a 30,000 bottles/hour BFC Combiblock production line for Wahaha’s Lhasa plant. The production line was successfully delivered to Wahaha Lhasa plant in January 2020, running smoothly and being successfully put into production.

Wahaha Lhasa plant is located at an altitude of 3,600 meters, in a highland environment of dry climate, high cold and hypoxia, and low air pressure. From design to manufacturing, transportation to installation, Newamstar has conducted rigorous demonstration at every step.

As we all know, there are many precision components on the production line that are very sensitive to temperature, humidity and air pressure in the environment. During equipment manufacturing, Newamstar’s technical team has fully considered the special ecological environment at high altitudes in Tibet. Every step is repeatedly reviewed and carefully demonstrated to ensure perfection in meeting highland configuration requirements.

After factory acceptance testing, the equipment immediately entered the shipping phase. As the Tibet highway had begun strictly limiting vehicle traffic near the Spring Festival, especially large freight vehicles, transportation posed certain difficulties, given the equipment‘s ultra-high, heavy and wide dimensions. From packaging to transportation, Newamstar placed top priority on equipment safety and considered every detail, taking anti-freezing and insulation measures. At the same time, by strictly complying with relevant regulations and approval procedures, overcoming many difficulties, the equipment was successfully delivered to Wahaha Lhasa plant after more than half a month.

The ensuing installation and commissioning phase was both a physical and mental challenge for the installation team under the highland climate. With the joyous Spring Festival approaching and the planned production date drawing near, Newamstar’s project team overcame high altitude reactions, raced against time, worked overnight, and completed equipment installation and commissioning on schedule to ensure on-time production of the BFC Combiblock line. Newamstar project team’s hard work, meticulousness and dedication won unanimous approval from Wahaha Lhasa plant and Wahaha group headquarters.

This BFC Combiblock production line tailor-made for Wahaha Lhasa plant can not only produce PET bottled water, but also be compatible with carbonated beverages like tea drinks and Kvass. With strong product compatibility, it can realize quick product changeovers. The non-contact mass flow meter technology used in the filler ensures high filling accuracy, efficient and stable operation, and product hygiene.

The successful production of this project can not only promote high-quality economic development at high altitudes, but also drive more cooperation between the two industry-leading enterprises for mutual benefit and win-win results! On the journey of comprehensive transformation from “manufacturing” to “intelligent manufacturing”, Newamstar will work with Wahaha to overcome difficulties and achieve a better future.