Newamstar Combiblock Boosts Indonesia Edible Oil Upgrade

Indonesia is one of the founding countries of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations, as well as the largest economy in Southeast Asia and a member of the G20. In Indonesia, Petroleum resources can achieve net exports, natural gas and tin reserves occupy an important position in the world, and biological resources are abundant.

Indonesia’s tourism industry is quite developed. The Monument for Liberation and the National Mosque on Jakarta’s Independence Square, the Hindu Buddha and Prambanan coexist in Yogyakarta, and the white fog in the active crater of Bromo volcano in Panggye , the lovely Komodo dragon on Komodo Island, the romantic blue waters and lover cliffs on Bali, the tears of the devil on Lembongan Island, the active volcano with the smell of blue flames and sulfur, the light of the mysterious cave ….. Numerous tourist attractions are located there.

The integration of the international community and the promotion of tourism culture have given us a deeper understanding of Indonesia. Whether you visit the streets, , restaurants, and shopping malls of Indonesia, or browse the website, you can easily find that Indonesians have different eating habits from Chinese. The biggest difference is that they don’t like steamed food, but prefer fried food, such as fried grouper, fried snapper, fried banana, etc. Therefore, cooking oil has become an indispensable part of Indonesian life.

According to statistics, in 2019, Indonesia’s annual domestic edible oil production was about 14 million tons, of which 5.1 million tons were used to meet domestic demand, and the rest were used to supply foreign markets. As early as 2008, Indonesia overtook Malaysia and became the world’s largest palm oil exporter. It currently holds more than 50% of the global market share.

With the expansion of overseas business activities, we were fortunate to get acquainted with the Bina Karya Prima Group, Indonesia’s leading packaged edible oil supplier, whose products cover major supermarkets and stores in Indonesia.

In view of Newamstar’s deep customer base in the Indonesian market and excellent market reputation, BKP Group has a keen interest in in-depth cooperation with Newamstar. The management team of the group has visited China many times. As a leading company in the domestic liquid food packaging industry, Newamstar is their key observation object. After several times contacts, Newamstar’s strong technology and R&D capabilities, advanced processing equipment, and professional service have made BKP Group firmly choose Newamstar as its partner, and Newamstar will tailor a 36,000 bottles/hour 1L high speed Combibloc line for BKP Group.

The entire high-speed Combibloc production line tailored for the BKP Group is equipped with the machines from Combibloc to automatic palletizing system. The production line is designed with reliable and flexible solutions. The blowing system adopts servo stretching, which makes it simple and reliable to switch bottle types; the filling valve adopts non-contact filling design and is equipped with advanced mass flowmeter for measurement, which not only ensures high-precision filling, but also guarantees product safety and sanitary; the capping adopts constant torque design, which makes the capping effect stable and consistent. Taking into account the actual local conditions, not only the blowing, filling and capping system uses energy storage motors, but the entire line of PLCs are all equipped with UPS protection, which minimizes the impact of power failure on the equipment.

The production line is equipped with visual inspection systems such as empty bottle inspection, empty cap inspection and full bottle inspection, which realizes the automatic inspection of products and effectively guarantees product quality. The entire production line is easy to operate and has a reasonable layout. It is not only compatible with the switching of different bottle types including round and square bottles, but also can switch between different packaging modes of film packaging and carton packaging. Newamstar fully automatic high-speed Single-column Palletizer perfectly realizes the automatic continuous operation of the high-speed Combibloc production line.

Newamstar has not only high-performance equipment, but also high-quality service. Newamstar’s project team completed the installation and commissioning of BKP complete Combibloc line project in only one month, and delivered it to the customer on time, which won customer recognition and high praise. For this reason, BKP Group wrote a commendatory letter to praise the project team of Newamstar.

In recent years, the Indonesian government has continuously strengthened its control over the safety of edible oil. In 2019, when Indonesian Minister of Trade Enggartiasto Lukita attended an event in Jakarta entitled “Launch the packaged edible oil and promote consumption of domestic product”, he stated, “By January 2020, the sale of bulk edible oil will no longer be allowed in stores. 50% of the edible oil that meets domestic demand is still bulk oil, and its cleanliness is not guaranteed from the perspective of production or distribution. The Ministry of Trade’s plan to convert bulk cooking oil to packaged cooking oil and it is part of the government’s strategic plan because the quality and safety are more assured.”

The Indonesian government’s move is undoubtedly beneficial to the health of consumers, and at the same time, it will also profoundly affect consumers’ consumption habits. As Indonesia’s leading packaged edible oil supplier, BKP Group is actively responding to government initiatives to provide consumers with safer packaged edible oil. As a strategic partner of BKP Group, Newamstar will also continue to support its production capacity increase. We look forward to providing BKP Group and more customers with high-quality equipment and first-class services in the future edible oil market in Indonesia, so that more consumers can enjoy healthy, safe and nutritious high-quality edible oil.