Newamstar Custom Built an Advanced Intelligent Stereoscopic Warehouse for VV Group

“Happy life, happy VV”, the famous slogan from VV Group carried us back to our childhood.

VV Group, established in 1992, is a big cross-sector and cross-region group with the main business of “ecological agriculture, grains and food manufacture”. It is also the national leading enterprise in agricultural industrialization. From the single traditional product soybean milk powder product, to the innovative liquid soybean milk product, VV Group and its products have already become widely known. The 24,000BPH/500ml PET Bottled aseptic Combiblock production line, purchased from Newamstar several years ago, has also contributed a lot for the large scale promotion of VV soybean milk product.

In recent years, the market scale of plant based drinks has continued to grow. The Prospective Industry Research Institute has released a research report that it is expected that the market scale of plant based milk will exceed 300 billion yuan in 2025. How to better expand the soybean milk industry and improve the comprehensive operation efficiency? Through in-depth research, VV Group found that in the food and beverage manufacturing industry, the application of intelligent warehouse system is in full swing. In particular, the rapid development of new technologies such as artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things has prompted a number of manufacturing enterprises to continuously extend the industrial chain and make efforts in the field of intelligent logistics, with a view to significantly improving the logistics operation efficiency of factories, better responding to the needs of consumers, and thus adapting to the fast-paced Internet marketing.

After investigation and comparison, VV Group still chose Newamstar as their supplier to provide them with the intelligent warehouse system, which further broadened cooperation field between the two sides. In combination with the overall planning requirements of VV Production Base in Xuzhou, Newamstar has tailored an advanced intelligent warehouse system for it through professional evaluation, rigorous design and accurate layout planning.

The whole set of intelligent warehouse system adopts multi-lane rail-guided stacker with high position storage shelf. Under the limited workshop space, the whole system is equipped with 3,312 pallet position, as well as three sets of double column double extension stackers, and a fully automatic logistics pallet transportation system. This system is from the product offline, the fully automatic robot palletizing, the automatic transportation of product pallets, to the storage of three-dimensional warehouse system. The product information flow runs through each link from the real-time feedback of the production line information to the information of storage, shipment and transportation, realizing product safety and quality traceability, and product full life cycle management.

The inbound and outbound efficiency of the warehouse system can reach 2,400 pallets/day, and the storage capacity is increased by about 300%, which greatly reduces the labor input in production, warehousing and logistics, and improves the production efficiency and logistics turnover efficiency. At the same time, the design and application of intelligent WMS and WCS, as well as the digital statistics of the realtime storage situation, not only ensure the efficiency and accuracy of inbound and outbound, but also allow operators to understand the storage system more intuitively and clearly, which facilitates the intensive and visual management.

The successful application of the intelligent warehouse system has added vitality to VV Group production base, supported the operation of integrated production and storage solution, and will certainly promote the sustainable development of VV Group.

With the wide application of 5G technology, Internet of Things and other emerging technologies, the warehousing system will further develop towards digitalization and intelligence. High intelligence, full coverage and high flexibility are the development direction of the logistics industry. It is widely acknowledged that the best way to show respect to customers is to create better products, and the best way to grasp the future is to promote the digital transformation and upgrading of the industry by building connectivity among people, materials, data and processes.

Keeping pace with the times and taking the lead step by step, Newamstar will strive to provide customers with more comprehensive and efficient overall solutions, constantly promote deeper technological innovation in the industry, promote the intelligent upgrading of the industrial model, and promote the dream of becoming a strong nation in manufacturing.