Newamstar Expands “Belt And Road” Market to Promote Beverage Industry Development in Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan spans two continents, Asia and Europe, borders the Caspian Sea to the west, Russia to the north, China to the east, and Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan and other countries to the south. With a total area of 2.7 million square kilometers and a population of about 16 million, Kazakhstan is one of the largest countries in Central Asia and one of the more politically stable countries with relatively good living standards for its people after the collapse of the Soviet Union.

National stability has brought economic prosperity. With the continuous improvement of people’s living standards, the demand for beverages keeps increasing and diversifying. Many beverage producers have keenly seized this opportunity and considered expanding production scales, developing new, better-tasting healthy green beverages. However, the equipment left over from the Soviet era can no longer meet the needs of modern fast production, and the predicament of relatively backward light industry in the country makes many local beverage producers feel the pain of “a good housewife finds it hard to cook a meal without rice”. As a last resort, they turned their sights to imported equipment, but soon found that equipment from European manufacturers like Krones, KHS was too expensive, and after-sales service was even more costly, which made many beverage producers hesitant. At this time, China, with geographical advantages and rapid development of the equipment manufacturing industry in recent years, was like the bright spring sunshine, giving hope to Kazakh beverage manufacturers. The emergence of Newamstar made them look at Chinese manufacturing in a new light.

From the very beginning of the establishment of Newamstar’s export department, Newamstar’s leadership has keenly observed the huge potential of the former Soviet market. The company has invested a lot of manpower and resources to develop this market. Due to its large population and GDP per capita ranking among the top of CIS countries, Kazakhstan was naturally included as a key cultivation target. After years of pioneering efforts, Newamstar finally succeeded in entering the country’s market and established good cooperation with local well-known enterprises, covering areas like large barrel water, small bottle water, carbonated beverages, fruit juice beverages and more. Over the years, Newamstar’s equipment has received unanimous praise from users, taking root and bearing fruit in Kazakhstan.

It is precisely because of Newamstar’s excellent brand image, strong technical strength, and good after-sales service that NIK-1 expressed a strong desire for cooperation from the outset. In 2011, NIK-1 signed purchase contracts with Newamstar for a 1,500BPH (5L) drinking water packaging production line and a 6,000BPH (1L) dairy beverage packaging production line. This cooperation project was like a bombshell in the Kazakh beverage industry, causing strong shocks and attracting close attention from Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev. Busy as he was with public affairs, the president personally visited the NIK-1 factory to inspect the progress and operation of the project.

NIK-1 is located in the southern Kazakh city of Shymkent, the capital of South Kazakhstan region. Shymkent has an urban area of nearly 300 square kilometers and a population of nearly 700,000, second only to Almaty in Kazakhstan. Population growth and economic development have made Shymkent increasingly attractive.

As one of the largest beverage producers in Kazakhstan, before signing this project, NIK-1 conducted prudent consultations. The chairman personally led teams of engineers and technicians to investigate the Chinese beverage market and Newamstar’s overall plant capabilities. After several rounds of negotiations and multi-party evaluations, savvy NIK-1 finally decided to have Newamstar help it develop the Kazakh dairy beverage market.

According to the customer’s production needs and actual plant conditions, and considering the future development direction of Kazakhstan’s beverage market, Newamstar tailored a turnkey solution for the customer, from formula supply, beverage preparation, to finished beverage packaging, which was unanimously recognized by NIK-1’s board of directors. The smooth implementation of the project not only demonstrated Newamstar’s excellent competence as a full-functional, all-round, consultant-based, service-oriented equipment supplier, but also enhanced Newamstar’s international influence again, laying a solid foundation for global market expansion and sustained development.

Everything went smoothly and vibrantly. During the installation and commissioning phase of the project, Newamstar allocated more than a dozen skilled technical personnel to form a highly capable and technically comprehensive installation and commissioning team, equipped with professional process personnel to work carefully with the customer’s plant technicians. During the days of working together, the personnel on both sides established deep friendships. Kazakh people are open and passionate by nature, which left us with deep impressions. While working, we also learned a lot about foreign cultures and came into contact with many interesting things. We sincerely hope that what we have brought is not just a production project, but also a link for communication, connecting China and Kazakhstan, prospering, and establishing generations of friendship.

There was the ancient Silk Road, where camels traveled for thousands of years, conveying feelings and meanings, taking Chinese tea and silk to the world, and spreading the splendid Eastern civilization across the land. Now there is Newamstar, with deep feelings, winning through science and technology, using advanced filling concepts and practical packaging solutions to work with the Kazakh people to package a better future, so that more people can understand China, and more Chinese manufacturing can shine brightly.