Newamstar Expands into Condiments and Household Chemicals

Recently, Jiangsu Newamstar Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. and Hunan Jiajia Food Group Co., Ltd. jointly announced that the two parties have signed a strategic cooperation agreement for 2 sets of 36,000 bottles/hour glass bottled soy sauce filling production lines (fastest domestically), 2 sets of 24,000 bottles/hour PET bottled soy sauce filling production lines, and 2 sets of 6,000 bottles/hour (5L) PET bottled edible oil filling production lines, officially sounding the horn for Newamstar’s large-scale entry into the “condiments and household chemicals” industry.

Hunan Jiajia Food Group Co., Ltd., located in Ningxiang County, Hunan Province, is a leading enterprise in China’s Condiment Industry, with 5 wholly-owned subsidiaries. In January 2012, Jiajia Group successfully landed on the A-share capital market and became the “first share of Chinese soy sauce”.

At present, the overall equipment level of China’s condiment industry is relatively backward. With increasingly fierce market competition and continuous consolidation of the condiment industry, coupled with rising requirements on product quality from relevant national departments and consumers, the existing low-speed traditional craft soy sauce packaging equipment can no longer meet market demand and urgently needs replacement and upgrade.

As “China’s high-end liquid (beverage) packaging machinery expert and leader”, Newamstar started paying attention to packaging technology developments in the “condiments and household chemicals” industry years ago. In 2010, Newamstar set up the “Condiments and Household Chemicals Packaging Equipment R&D Team” to gather many technical elites and conduct R&D and preparation for packaging technologies of condiments and household chemicals. In May 2010, upon learning that Jiajia Group intended to purchase the world’s highest-speed soy sauce production line, Newamstar quickly set up a project team led by the general manager. After repeated research and validation, Newamstar actively communicated with Jiajia Group on process, technology, equipment selection and other aspects.

The positioning of the 36,000 bottles/hour glass bottled soy sauce production line purchased by Jiajia Group this time is: production capacity requirement is the highest in the world, technology requirement is the most advanced globally, and it must meet the unique soy sauce production process requirements of Jiajia Group. Due to the very high technical requirements, Jiajia Group was particularly prudent in selecting equipment suppliers this time, with selection scope covering many excellent domestic and foreign equipment suppliers. During this period, Jiajia Group’s top management and engineering, technical and production heads visited Newamstar many times for investigation and exchange. The two parties conducted extensive and in-depth communication on the technology, process, selection and other aspects of the equipment. Newamstar’s unique competitive advantages in process, technology, design philosophy and many other aspects were unanimously well received by Jiajia Group’s top management and project team. Finally, the two parties reached a strategic cooperation agreement.

The successful cooperation between Jiajia Group and Newamstar this time will be a strategically significant and profoundly influential cooperation for both parties as well as China’s condiment packaging industry! It marks the official entry of China’s condiment packaging industry into the high-speed and fully automated era!