Newamstar Expansion Project Kicks Off, Manufacturing Strength Entering New Stage

In the golden October with bountiful harvests, Newamstar sang the song of endeavor once again, basking in the joy of abundance. To further upgrade hardware facilities, expand capacity and build a new generation high-end equipment manufacturing R&D base, Newamstar Phase III expansion project successfully commenced construction on October 8. This is another major endeavor following the completion and commissioning of Phase III project in 2009. Upon completion, it will greatly shorten the production cycle of high-speed BFC Combiblocks and high-speed aseptic cold filling lines, meeting the high-speed development needs of industry customers.

In recent years, Newamstar has kept abreast of global market development trends, worked in unity and overcome difficulties to steadily move forward. While improving, optimizing and upgrading series products, we have independently developed China’s first 36,000 bph high-speed BFC Combiblock, which is already in use at Coca-Cola.

We have independently developed 42,000 bph aseptic cold filling lines with internationally advanced standards, which have been successfully delivered to Fujian Dali Group for use. This not only refreshes the development history of China’s PET bottle aseptic cold filling technology again, but also signifies Newamstar aseptic cold filling technology entering the “ultra-high speed era” globally.

The year 2011 is the beginning of the “12th Five-Year Plan”. All industries are advancing shoulder-to-shoulder and striving for excellence. As China’s high-end liquid (beverage) packaging machinery expert and leader, Newamstar actively carries forward the corporate spirit of “Precision, Pragmatism, Exploring, Innovation”, continuously strengthens awareness of environmental protection and energy conservation, and vigorously promotes safe production and large-scale production. Internally, we deepen “target management” to continuously enhance corporate soft power. Externally, we actively implement the major customer strategy and have established and maintained long-term win-win relationships with domestic and international first-line beverage producers. Under the leadership of Chairman He Deping, and through the efforts of all employees, product R&D forges new heights, sales performance grows steadily, brand promotion achieves remarkable results, and corporate culture becomes more harmonious.

In future sustainable development, we will continue the efforts and remain committed to providing high-end liquid (beverage) producers with complete and improved solutions, manufacturing quality products, delivering perfect services, ensuring 100% customer satisfaction! Making cities and life better!