Newamstar Helps Yunnan Dashan Drinks Upgrade Technology and Provides Integrated Bottled Water Solutions

Yunnan Dashan Drinks Co., Ltd. was established in Kunming in 2002, mainly engaged in the production and sale of “Dashan” brand “Yunnan Mountain Spring” bottled drinking water. In February 2010, it was restructured into a Sino-foreign joint venture, with the investors being the company’s founder Mr. Shan Guoyong holding 30% and Nestlé Waters, the world’s expert in healthy hydration, holding 70%.

Over the years, Dashan Company has been brave in undertaking the responsibility of providing healthy drinking water to the general public, adhering to the strategic thinking of “people-oriented, water-based industry, diversified development”. It has gradually embarked on the track of scaled, industrialized and branded development, while putting pioneering innovation, developing sunrise industries and researching healthy products in an important position in corporate decision making and development.

The company’s products are renowned for being green, safe and environmentally friendly, becoming the most trusted and beloved brand for consumers, and being designated as the exclusive water for important conferences in Yunnan Province. Sales of various products continue to increase, and market coverage in and outside the province is rapidly rising, achieving good economic and social benefits. For its outstanding contributions, Dashan Company has successively won many honorary titles such as “Famous Trademark in Yunnan Province”, “National Food Safety Demonstration Unit”, and the Ministry of Agriculture’s “Green Food”, and has developed into one of the top ten packaged drinking water enterprises in China and the leading enterprise in packaged drinking water in Yunnan Province.

In 2003, Newamstar signed a cooperation agreement with Yunnan Dashan Drinks Co., Ltd. and officially established a strategic partnership. The two parties will conduct in-depth cooperation on high-end bottled water production lines.

Time flies like an arrow, years pass like a song. Looking back suddenly, it has been a decade of deep affection – ten years of candidness and mutual benefit, ten years of pleasant cooperation and fruitful results, ten years of fighting side by side for common development.

Tracing back to 2003, Yunnan Dashan invested in building a production base, taking bold and powerful measures for steady progress. With business expansion, Dashan Company’s Yunnan Mountain Spring bottled water gradually became the number one drinking water brand in Yunnan Province, with bottled water business accounting for 85% of the entire Yunnan market. When the market situation changed and Dashan Company in faraway Yunnan urgently needed to expand production capacity to meet consumer demand, Newamstar had just completed its corporate restructuring and entered a period of rapid development.

Dashan Company came for our reputation and left satisfied. After comprehensive and thoughtful understanding and key verification by the senior expert delegation, Dashan unanimously chose Newamstar and signed for a 6,000 bottles/hour bottled water production line at the end of 2003. The stability and ease of operation of the production line were fully recognized by Dashan Company. Aiming high with rising momentum, Dashan was convinced of Newamstar’s products and successively purchased in 2006 and 2008 one 12,000 bottles/hour small bottle water line and three sets of 30,000 bottles/hour small bottle water lines and fully automatic depalletizers. This was like a shot in the arm for Yunnan Dashan, not only consolidating its leading position in the Yunnan market, but also establishing a distinct own brand image and momentum for entering domestic and overseas markets. All this naturally also came into the vision of Nestlé, the world’s largest food and beverage company. After investigation and consultation, Nestlé entered Dashan Company by acquiring a controlling stake.

After the joint venture, in order to align with international development trends and integrate with cutting-edge global technologies, Dashan Company continued cooperation with Newamstar as before. In July 2011, in the face of a series of harsh tests by the Nestlé experts and Dashan Company’s team such as on-site risk assessment, process verification, inspection and review, Newamstar passed all the tests once again with accumulating experience for steady progress, proving the pride of excellent Chinese equipment suppliers with strength. The two parties signed an agreement on cooperation for the complete production line of one set of 36,000 bottles/hour high-speed rotary blow molding machine and 36,000 bottles/hour high-speed blow-fill-cap monobloc machine, the fastest domestically. Every equipment and production line embodies advanced R&D concepts – high-end innovative technologies, service concepts with high value-add, low-carbon and eco-friendly design principles, energy-saving and consumption-reducing production application, which greatly reduces the overall costs for production enterprises.

In the long-term development and construction, Dashan Company is also deeply aware of the importance and necessity of energy conservation and environmental protection, and has been actively taking actions. In recent years, due to the severe drinking water supply situation in Yunnan Province, Dashan Company has dutifully participated in drought relief activities, while further strengthening overall management to reduce production costs and consumption of water, electricity, gas and other energies. Under such circumstances, Dashan Company decisively phased out the relatively energy-intensive one-step blow molding system and purchased in February 2012 two 24,000 bottles/hour blow molders and one 18,000 bottles/hour (1500ml) high-end bottled water production line from Newamstar. This also signifies that by the end of 2012, Dashan Company will enter an era of low energy consumption and full automation operation.

Flowers bloom and wither, clouds roll and dissolve. In a flash, ten years have passed. Reviewing the journey both parties have taken hand in hand, we have deep feelings. “Yunnan Dashan Drinks Co., Ltd. is a responsible company focused on long-term development and a green enterprise. Its consistent adherence to strict internal quality management processes for product quality control is key to the successful joint venture with the Nestlé group, and also the reason why Newamstar and Dashan have cooperated for ten years.” The company’s senior management perfectly summed up the cooperation between the two parties and is fully confident about future development.

“Excellence through professionalism” – after more than ten years of development, Yunnan Mountain Spring is gaining increasing recognition from the public. The ten years of growth together between Newamstar and Yunnan Mountain Spring, of knowing and accompanying each other, have enabled both parties to improve and develop. It is hoped that in future cooperation, more strategic intentions can be achieved and common progress made.

While congratulating the cooperation, industry insiders have expressed that with the power combination and close cooperation between Newamstar and Dashan, they are sure to usher in new chapters in the future.

“The sky lets birds fly freely, the sea lets fish leap freely” – looking forward to the future, we are full of expectations.