Newamstar High-Speed Filling Line Helps Increase Daren Beverage’s Carbonated Soda Water Production Capacity

Daren Beverage was established in April 2010 and is located in Luoyang, the “ancient capital of nine dynasties”. Its parent company, Qunying Company, is mainly engaged in real estate development, hotels, accommodation, business services and other businesses. It is a well-known enterprise in Henan Province. The company is committed to building the largest food and beverage processing enterprise in Henan and has launched a brand new brand – “Uoho” series products, advocating fashion and health.

In early 2010, the beverage market underwent sudden changes. Carbonated soda water products became all the rage for a time in Henan and sold well across the Northwest China region. Carbonated soda water originated and was developed in Jiaozuo, Henan. As it contains no carbon dioxide, it is more suitable for the general public. Moreover, soda water is weakly alkaline, which helps balance body acidity. It aids digestion, relieves indigestion and constipation. It also has antioxidant properties that can slow skin aging. Thus, it was warmly received by the market upon launch. In 2010, 21 carbonated soda water production enterprises were registered and certified in Jiaozuo, Henan, accounting for 95% of the domestic soda water market. During the same period, major domestic brands like Wahaha began paying attention to and producing carbonated soda water.

At that time, the hot-selling situation of carbonated soda water attracted the attention of Qunying Company’s Chairman Li. He made a decisive decision to conduct market research on the food and beverage industry in the province and surrounding areas, and made detailed investigations on consumer groups and consumption habits for various beverages. To learn more information about the food and beverage industry, Chairman Li flew to Chengdu at the end of March to attend the national spring sugar and alcohol trade fair, where Newamstar was also exhibiting. It was a perfect match and marked the beginning of an affinity.

Upon returning from Chengdu, Chairman Li immediately had a candid talk with Newamstar on the phone, then drove overnight to Newamstar’s factory. Through visits and investigation of Newamstar’s brazing, precision machining, assembly workshops and R&D building, Chairman Li gave high appraisals of Newamstar’s standardized corporate management, orderly production site, high-end testing equipment, exquisite assembly process, innovative R&D capabilities and comprehensive service system.

Relying on its leading product technologies, mature market concepts, and understanding of Daren Beverage’s actual situation, Newamstar designed a complete production line technical solution, including water treatment system, soda water blending system, CIP cleaning system, rotary blow molder, filler and secondary packaging system for the complete line project. For key points in carbonated soda water production like material sterilization system, material blending system, pipeline sterilization system and packaging sterilization system, Newamstar provided Daren Beverage with more comprehensive and improved solutions in process design and equipment configuration. In May 2010, Daren Beverage signed a supply contract with Newamstar for a 24,000 bph complete production line.

The market is the command and time is efficiency. In equipment processing, Newamstar incorporated precision, pragmatism, exploration and innovation into every detail, going all out. Relying on consummate processing and assembly skills, and close cooperation across company departments, we successfully manufactured and installed Henan’s first high-speed carbonated soda water filling production line on schedule. Considering Daren Beverage’s initial foray into the beverage industry, Newamstar leveraged its many years of experience in the beverage industry to provide Daren Beverage with comprehensive services to help it overcome various difficulties in the initial stage of plant construction.

As a rising power in the beverage market, in 2011, Daren Beverage’s Uoho soda water was selected as the designated high-end beverage for the 29th China Luoyang Peony Cultural Festival after multiple screening. As the magnificent peonies bloomed, Daren Beverage’s reputation rose, spreading fragrance for thousands of miles, leaving a long-lasting aftertaste. The successful application of Newamstar’s soda water beverage production line not only advanced Daren Beverage’s strategic development, but will also further promote market expansion and extension in the Central Plains, laying out plans for enterprise growth and establishing a solid foundation.