Newamstar Launches 51,000BPH Integrated Filling Equipment

After Newamstar developed and launched China’s first 36,000 bottles/hour integrated BFC Combiblock equipment in 2009 and put it into market in 2010, it has successively gained recognition from numerous well-known domestic and foreign enterprises including Coca-Cola OEM plants, Nestlé, Pepsi OEM plants, Zhuhai Zhongfu, and Shenzhen Jingtian.

In October 2011, after research by the company’s New Product Development Committee, it was decided to develop an even faster and more advanced 51,000 bottles/hour integrated BFC Combiblock equipment. In February 2012, the scheme demonstration and drawing design were fully completed, followed by intensive machining of parts. By July, it had entered the stage of continuous testing prior to factory release, and will make its debut at CHINABREW & BEVERAGE, the most influential beer, beverage manufacturing technology and equipment exhibition in Asia, in September.

The 51,000 bottles/hour integrated BFC Combiblock equipment is another major strategic new product for Newamstar after the launch of China’s first 36,000 bottles/hour hot filling production line, first 36,000 bottles/hour super clean moderate temperature filling production line, first set of 36,000 bottles/hour integrated BFC Combiblock equipment, first 42,000 bottles/hour aseptic cold filling production line, first 36,000 bottles/hour soy sauce filling production line, and first 6,000 bottles/hour 5L edible oil filling production line in recent years. This marks Newamstar’s creation of a new industry benchmark again!

Currently, Newamstar has entered a higher level of development. With complex changes in domestic and foreign economic situations, the beverage industry’s “shuffle period” has arrived. Newamstar quickly made a series of major adjustments and reforms, successively promoting enterprise management model reform centered on “target management” and internal governance mechanism reform focused on the “business unit system”. It established the new positioning as “China’s high-end liquid (beverage) packaging machinery expert and leader”, and is committed to helping liquid (beverage) enterprises build “ideal factories” and striving tirelessly for the rejuvenation of China’s liquid (beverage) packaging machinery industry and the realization of “Made in China, Made for World”!