Newamstar Leads Green Packaging at Chinaplas 2012

In April 2012, the winds of Shanghai were warm and the tides of spring surging. The new Shanghai International Exhibition Center was even more bustling and lively.

- CHINAPLAS 2012 -

CHINAPLAS 2012 blossomed beautifully here, unfolding an exquisite interpretation. Thousands of packaging product enterprises and various end-user enterprises gathered together, joining hands to create business opportunities and build the best platform integrating trade, technology and market information exchange, generating unlimited business opportunities.

Launched in 1983, after nearly 30 years of vicissitudes under the impetus of the thriving development of China’s plastics industry, CHINAPLAS has now become Asia’s number one and the world’s number two plastics industry exhibition.

Every time, CHINAPLAS allows us to strongly feel the latest achievements of rubber and plastics technologies and the thriving development of the industry. A feast, a brainstorming session – inspiring ideas, changing mindsets, expanding the diverse application space of rubber and plastics. At the same time, providing end-user enterprises with the latest solutions to meet integrated production and procurement needs.

With the rapid social and economic development, the application of rubber and plastics products in the packaging industry is becoming more and more extensive, and the packaging exhibits at each exhibition have become one of the highlights, favorably received by domestic and foreign packaging end-user manufacturers. At CHINAPLAS 2012, Booth W5A45 in the Plastics Packaging and Blow Molding Machinery zone took on a new look with a fresh and stylish light tone. The deep sincerity, combined with Newamstar’s unique gentleness and boldness, attracted fiery gazes and was much talked about by many industry professionals.

On site, everything was in good order and vibrant. The elegant and polite receptionists responded sweetly to inquiries from friends all around; focused marketing staff introduced proudly the performance of cutting-edge products. In cozy VIP rooms, orders were carefully deliberated and reviewed before contracts were signed. In a corner of the venue, the energy-saving fully automatic rotary blow molder was like a shy magnolia giggling charmingly in the spring, standing tall and elegant, captivating viewers.

The endless crowds, colorful booths, and energy-saving and eco-friendly equipment composed a splendid picture of CHINAPLAS 2012, playing a harmonious melody for the “12th Five-Year Plan”.

Following the exploratory path of CHINAPLAS and keeping up with its enterprising pace, we can easily see that as packaging technology enters the 21st century of leapfrogging development, as the green low-carbon economy becomes an inevitable trend for future development, and as the calls for cost reduction from production enterprises rise, lightweight packaging solutions are increasingly advocated and accepted by consumers and industry insiders.

As China’s high-end liquid (beverage) packaging machinery expert and leader, Newamstar adheres to reform and development as the driving force, leading-edge technology as the support. In the direction of lightweight development, we boldly explore and practically implement, and have embarked on the road of strong enterprises, towards the global market, becoming an outstanding enterprise renowned both domestically and abroad.

In PET bottle packaging production of drinking water, carbonated beverages, juices, tea, liquid milk, liquid condiments and household chemicals, Newamstar has mastered a full set of technologies and successfully developed several blow-fill-cap monobloc machines launched into the market, gaining extensive acclaim from numerous well-known domestic and foreign brand manufacturers like Darlie, Yili, Jingtian, Zhongfu, Coca-Cola, Nestlé, Danone and more.

Looking ahead, Newamstar will vigorously carry forward the Zhangjiagang Spirit, rely on regional characteristics and technological leadership, and pioneer progress. Relying on cutting-edge technologies to drive corporate development, we will improve the technological level of China’s national industry, enable China-created products to have higher technology and quality levels in international competition, and promote the overall improvement and rapid development of China’s food and beverage industry chain, to provide the general public with products and services of higher quality and safety.

Time flows on, memories flash back. Looking back again, CHINAPLAS 2012 was extraordinary and brilliant. New technologies and new products shone. New information and new ideas complemented each other. The unforgettable April 18th, the unforgettable CHINAPLAS 2012, flowed with splendor and unlimited joy.