Newamstar Light-Weight Bottle BFC Combiblock Penetrates European Market

Newamstar Light-Weight Bottle BFC Combiblock Penetrates European Market
Newamstar Light-Weight Bottle BFC Combi Machine Penetrates European Market

Following the signing of multiple light-weight bottle drinking water BFC Combiblock projects with well-known domestic enterprises like Nanjing Maoding (Coca Cola OEM factory), Zhuhai Zhongfu, Yunnan Dashan (Nestle holdings), etc., Newamstar’s light-weight bottle BFC Combiblock spreads good news again. In May 2011, Newamstar successfully signed a contract with Turkish Pekdemir Group for a complete line project of 24,000 bph ultra-light bottle drinking water BFC Combiblock, realizing the zero breakthrough of high-end domestic equipment in the European market.

The headquarters of Turkish Pekdemir Group is located in Denizli, an important city in southwestern Turkey. The company’s main business is supermarket operations, with supermarkets set up across Turkey. The production line purchased this time will mainly produce bottled water for sale in its own supermarkets.

The two parties’ initial communication began in September 2010, followed by multiple rounds of arduous business and technical negotiations. Newamstar finally stood out from the encirclement of several top European suppliers, gaining the customer’s recognition and trust, and finally reached a cooperation agreement.

This cooperation project covers the most advanced fully automatic production line in the current bottled water packaging field, from ultra-light bottle BFC Combiblock, fully automatic labeling machine, fully automatic shrink wrapper, robotic palletizing system to the complete conveying system, achieving comprehensive product light-weighting. The 500ml bottles weigh only 10.5g, 35-40% lighter than regular water bottles, perfectly embodying Newamstar BFC Combiblock’s advanced design philosophy of low carbon, high efficiency and energy saving.

The successful signing of the project means that Newamstar’s lightest PET bottle packaging technology with the highest technical content in its development history is about to go abroad, and signifies the first entry of high-end domestic equipment into the European market after breaking through international barriers, bound to generate profound international influence.

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