Newamstar Model Worker Erik Embodies Responsibility and Commitment Through Concrete Actions

“I have neither organized nor led any projects, let alone talk about achievements. What remains fresh in memory are those difficult problems and miscellaneous diseases assigned by leaders.” Erik’s frank account evoked unforgettable memories – those years and days, the endless loyalty and love for the company from the bottom of his heart, the confidence and courage to overcome difficulties, the open-mindedness and poise beyond fame and fortune, the simple and pure feelings, have always inspired and moved us.

Otsuka challenges, initial success, rising to fame

In 2005, the aseptic cold filling line undertaken for Japan’s Otsuka had entered the assembly and commissioning stage. Due to lack of large equipment machining at the time, a process applied to the brackets on the bottle rinser and filler could not be completed. With the delivery date approaching and time pressing, the leadership boldly appointed Erik, ordering him to resolve the issues and eliminate difficulties on site. Responsibility means order – no sooner said than done. Erik devised a plan and quietly prepared on one hand, while seeking help from relevant departments to make fixtures to expand machining scope on the other. Under Erik’s leadership, everyone worked hard and cooperated to successfully complete the task in just over ten days. This not only ensured perfect completion of the overall line plan, but also laid the groundwork for the successful export of domestic aseptic lines to developed countries.

Overcoming obstacles in Georgia, showing prowess again

Before the Spring Festival in 2007, when the company was producing beer machines for Georgia, Erik was responsible for filler valve assembly. It was the company’s first time producing and attempting PET bottle beer machines, without reference or fulcrum, and everyone was cautiously crossing the river by feeling the stones. The filler valves were difficult to machine. At that time, Erik’s old mother was critically ill in bed, and family members kept urging him to return home and fulfill his filial duties. Whether the beer valves could be successfully assembled was still unknown, with the delivery date approaching, key technical personnel absent, and imaginable work progress. To stay or leave? Facing such contradictory dilemma, Erik considered carefully and gritted his teeth to stay. He then devoted himself fully into the work, working continuously with team members to overcome three obstacles in beer valve assembly, living up to expectations and handing in a satisfactory answer sheet to the company.

Solving problems for Turkey, calm as a song

In 2012, when producing the blow-fill-cap monobloc machine for Turkey, new problems were encountered. At the filling speed of 12,000 bottles, the equipment speed could not keep up when filling 1.5L bottles, the capping head oscillation exceeded tolerance, failing to meet design requirements and customer needs. After the problem was discovered, it remained unresolved. Before long, the scheduled customer acceptance date arrived, and the leadership again assigned the heavy responsibility to Erik. Facing the challenge, Erik went all out and actively responded. With cooperation from Nimkar and others, Erik conducted in-depth research, careful thinking, identified causes, and proposed final improvement plans. With backs against the wall, and bearing result implications, it was now or never. The leadership solemnly asked if he was confident in making such a big move, because any mistake would directly lead to over RMB100,000 economic loss. Erik made a resolute decision on the spot. With the plan approved and action initiated, and strong support from the machining workshop, after the critical 24-hour battle, the refreshed equipment operated smoothly and elegantly, with all parameters meeting specified performance indicators.

With no pursuit of fame or fortune, we cannot help but ask: What kind of power is driving and encouraging such an ordinary and down-to-earth person, to wholeheartedly devote himself to work without complaint?

Erik frankly stated: Transcendent beliefs and the urge to excel. When doing something, one must first have high standards and confidence in oneself, and strictly require completing it well or better than others. This requires faith and perseverance. At the same time, when you haven’t done well in something, you must have the courage to reflect on yourself. Failure is not terrible, but lack of courage to persist is.

“Your beliefs determine what power you possess. Believe in yourself and you can surely create miracles,” Erik said, and did. Year after year, constantly striving, improving, and transcending.

This is Erik – dedicated, obligated, enthusiastic, diligent, wholehearted, and selflessly devoted to work. Without eloquent words, he leads by example, influencing silently; without drastic measures, he is rigorous and meticulous, seeing immediate results; without standing still, he ceaselessly seeks self-improvement and progress. This is Erik – Minister of Precision Assembly Workshop, Model Worker of 2011, and Newamstar’s immense pride.