Newamstar PET Beer Aseptic Cold Filling Pioneers Iranian Market

Situated in the southwest of Asia, Iran borders the Persian Gulf and the Gulf of Oman in the south, and looks across the Caspian Sea to Russia and Kazakhstan in the north. Known as the “Eurasian Land Bridge” and “East-West Air Corridor”, Iran is an ancient civilization with nearly 5,000 years of history. Tracing back to its origins, modern Iran has developed and evolved from ancient Persia. In the 6th century BC, the Persian Empire once prospered and became the first empire in the world that spanned across Asia, Africa and Europe, making great contributions to the integration of its subject peoples and the development of human civilization. Since the 4th century BC, the region has been repeatedly invaded and ruled by the Greeks, Arabs, Turkic peoples, Mongols, Afghans, and English and Russian colonialists. After several periods of prosperity and change, the past has become historical record – profound and substantial. The rise and fall of the Persian Empire and the integration of diverse civilizations nurtured the diversity of Persian culture. Correspondingly, our market development needs to be equipped with diverse factors, and more perseverance and determination.

Newamstar’s foray into the Iranian market began in 2005.

Although in the past, mechanical equipment from developed Western countries like Germany and Italy had long been the major imported products for Iran’s beverage industry, in recent years, due to the emergence of the Iranian nuclear issue, Western countries decided to impose economic sanctions on Iran, forcing it to abandon its nuclear weapons research and development plans. The economic sanctions prompted Iran’s beverage manufacturers to shift their sights and pay attention to China’s equipment. The outbreak of the global financial crisis brought unprecedented opportunities for the application of China’s affordable equipment in Iran. Prior to this, Newamstar had already maintained years of good cooperative relationship with PPM, an Iranian company, evolving from sales of individual machines to providing whole plant solutions for customers. Against the backdrop of the international macro-environment and with the assistance of PPM, Newamstar signed a PET beer bottle aseptic cold filling turnkey project contract with HOFFENBERG Brewery at the end of 2009. For Newamstar, this was a hard-to-come-by opportunity to develop the high-end market in Iran.

Located in the beautiful small town of Karaj, HOFFENBERG Brewery was founded by Mr. ARIANPOUR in 2004 in the ARASANI Industrial Park, and is Iran’s fourth largest non-alcoholic beer producer, with canned and glass bottled beer as its main products. Mr. ARIANPOUR has keen discernment and broad vision, with agile thinking, accurately judging future market trends, thus quickly establishing HOFFENBERG Brewery’s scale and status in Tehran and surrounding areas over the years. With the continuous increase in market share, Mr. ARIANPOUR decided to expand production capacity to meet market demand. Since PET beer bottles are lightweight, shatter-resistant, allow flexible shape designs, highly transparent, have low transportation costs and other advantages, Mr. ARIANPOUR decided to embark on this new project. Through tremendous efforts, Newamstar, as China’s only manufacturer possessing mature PET beer bottling and aseptic cold filling technologies, stood out from numerous domestic and foreign suppliers with its robust technologies, strong R&D capabilities, and quality services, winning the favor of the customer and successfully securing the project. Mr. ARIANPOUR said, “Single-use PET bottle packaging is the developing trend of soft drinks, which is the main reason for our investment in the new PET turnkey project production line from Newamstar.”

Currently, HOFFENBERG Brewery is producing 1.0L PET bottled malt beverages on this new production line. The designed capacity of the line is 6,000 pcs/hr for 1.0L PET bottles. If needed by the market, the equipment can also process other PET bottle specs. The complete line consists of fully automatic blow molding machine, PXGF50-12 aseptic cold filling machine, fully automatic labeling machine, shrink wrapper, flash pasteurizer, CIP system, COP/SOP system, air purification and sterile compressed air/CO2 filtration system. The sensitive non-alcoholic beer without preservatives needs to be filled under the strictest hygienic conditions, so the rinser/filler/capper unit is installed in a super-clean room. At the same time, the workshop air is filtered through high-efficiency filters, and slight positive pressure ensures a persistent air flow from ceiling to floor, preventing untreated workshop air from entering. To prevent bacteria growth, the filling unit will stop running briefly at regular intervals for automatic disinfection of the entire surface of machine groups and inner walls of the glass enclosures, controlling microbial growth and ensuring product qualification rate.