Newamstar Presents at CBST Exhibition to Share Innovative Achievements in Beverage Equipment Field

From November 6 to 8, 2011, the 5th China International Exhibition of Beverage Industry Processing & Packaging Technology (CBST 2011) grandly opened at Hall 1 of the Shanghai Expo Theme Pavilion by the Huangpu River.

- CBST 2011 -

As the only exhibition in China focused on beverages, CBST 2011 served the technical progress, safe and clean production of the beverage industry with high starting point, broad vision and new ideas, creating the best environment and more business opportunities for economic and trade cooperation and development across the whole industrial chain.

“Owning an exhibition booth to ‘drink in’ the future of the industrial chain”. Under the appeal of the magnificent and powerful exhibition theme, nearly 200 top beverage and liquid product suppliers from around the world gathered together. Brand exhibitions, brand enterprises, jointly shared the results of China’s beverage industry average annual growth rate of 20%, and jointly enhanced their brand values.

As China’s high-end liquid (beverage) packaging machinery expert and leader, Newamstar actively adapts to the development trend of liquid foods, leverages CBST’s advantages and effects to deliver its own value, serve customers, give back to the society and benefit the people.

On the basis of participating in four consecutive CBST events, Newamstar made meticulous planning and launched a full effort to embrace CBST 2011 in a brand new manner. With wonderful displays and gorgeous presence, Newamstar shined at CBST 2011.

The creative lightweight bottle ceiling decoration, carefully arranged exhibition booth layout, and comfortable and cozy environment. Every detail embodied our exquisite ingenuity, containing vigorous momentum, adding a beautiful landscape to the entire exhibition hall. At the exhibition, our company showcased two latest products, the independently innovated “high-speed blowing-filling-capping combiblock” and “flow meter fully automatic blending system”. The beautiful and magnificent exterior design, high-speed yet elegant stable operation, innovative concepts of energy conservation, emission reduction, low carbon economy and environmental protection, attracted numerous domestic and foreign professional buyers and senior figures to stop for appreciation. The appreciative glances shone in Newamstar’s unlimited exhibition space.

During the exhibition, we received countless Chinese and foreign guests. Some reached cooperation intentions on the spot, some made appointments to visit our company, and some have deeply remembered Newamstar. In communication, domestic and foreign customers and industry insiders highly praised our equipment, giving thumbs up, taking commemorative photos, leaving words of high praise, and more often sincere communication and shaking hands happily, expressing heartfelt admiration and fondness in their unique ways.

In our spare time, we also visited CBST 2011 with great interest. New technologies and new ideas emerged endlessly; new equipment and new faces were full of youthful spirit. From single machines to complete lines, from raw and auxiliary materials to packaging, from production technology to quality control, from domestic blank to international advanced level, everything was covered. The unexpected booth design effects and technical highlights greatly inspired the creativity and inspiration of visitors, bringing constant surprises and aftertastes.

We also participated in activities held concurrently with the exhibition, including the Annual Conference of China Beverage Industry Association, China Beverage Industry Entrepreneurs Forum, China International Beverage Technology Conference, and China Beverage Industry Bev-Model Awards Ceremony. Especially the Technology Conference, which centered around the latest production technologies and equipment, water and energy saving experiences closest to the frontlines of enterprises, introduction of latest national food safety standards, etc., providing exhibition participants an excellent opportunity for learning and exchange. At the invitation, Dong Hailong, General Manager of our Blowing Division, interpreted Newamstar’s unique insights and innovative concepts on “Ultra-Light Bottle Blowing-Filling-Capping Combiblock Solutions”, arousing strong resonance from attendees. At the Awards Ceremony, our company was honored with the “Outstanding Supplier in China’s Beverage Industry in 2011”. The industry’s acclaim and recognition from the industry further strengthened our confidence to forge ahead.

CBST 2011, what Newamstar brought was not just innovative achievements, but a full range display of corporate humanized care and comprehensive strength. At Newamstar, what customers obtain is not just advanced equipment and innovative technologies, but more importantly, the sense of responsibility, enterprising spirit and ever-grateful heart that Newamstar dares to take on. Only by empathizing and putting oneself in another’s shoes to wholeheartedly serve customers can we gain customers’ respect, stand at the forefront in market competition, and enjoy boundless success.

Looking to the future, Newamstar will base itself domestically, expand globally, pursue steady development, and actively innovate. In the most familiar fields, with the most familiar technologies, making the most familiar products, we will continue providing complete and improved solutions for high-end liquid (beverage) production enterprises.