Newamstar Provides Complete Line to Boost Dinghu Shanquan

Flipping open the world vegetation map, tracing the prime meridian from east to west along the brownish color, it regretfully tells you that this is the formidable horse latitude desert zone, influenced by the control of the subtropical high pressure. About 2/3 of the land within the latitude near the prime meridian belongs to desert, semi-desert or arid grassland. Crossing the vast deserts or sparse grasslands, at 23°10′ N, 112°34′ E, you will be pleasantly surprised to find a place strewn with fallen petals, like an exquisite emerald embedded at the end of this prime meridian desert zone. This is the Dinghu Mountain National Nature Reserve, known as the “Emerald on the Prime Meridian”.

Dinghu Mountain has a forest coverage rate of 95%, with over 1,800 species of rare and precious wild plants, and large areas of natural sterile forests maintaining clean water quality, nurturing the pure and sweet mountain springs flowing all year round, and breeding all life here. Represented by the Longtan Waterfall, Dinghu Mountain springs have been passed down to this day with their precious purity since the Tang Dynasty when the Sixth Patriarch Huineng’s senior monk Zhichang came here to establish temples in 678 AD. They are praised as the “No. 1 Spring in Lingnan”. Testing shows that the springs contain various trace elements essential to the human body with balanced beneficial components, and 26 indicators including low sodium and low mineralization all meet the state Class I groundwater quality standards.

The primitive forests and primitive natural mountain springs shape the excellent quality and perfect charm of Dinghu Mountain spring water. In 1992, Guangdong Dinghu Shanquan Co., Ltd. stood out brilliantly with its advantages in timing, location and resources. With the implementation of national standards like Hygienic Bottled Drinking Natural Water that it participated in formulating, Dinghu Shanquan, as the largest natural mountain spring producer in China, is rising rapidly. The company currently has three major drinking water brands – Dinghu Shanquan, Piaoxue and Tianran Oxygen Bar, with the single plant production capacity topping the natural mountain spring water industry.

“Dinghu Shanquan” adopts the national invention patent “natural microporous filtration” technology to remove undesirable substances while retaining beneficial minerals and trace elements in the mountain springs. Advanced technologies, unique processes and leading concepts drive Dinghu Shanquan forward to become the only enterprise in the drinking water industry to grasp and apply dedicated technologies for dedicated production.

Good horses need good saddles, good water relies on good filling. As China’s top supplier of liquid food packaging machinery, Newamstar and Dinghu Shanquan have a history of cooperation. As early as 2007, after repeated demonstrations and investigations, Dinghu Shanquan decided to derive its products into small bottled water, and organized professionals from engineering, production, quality control, procurement and other departments to evaluate and investigate many domestic equipment suppliers. After extensive research and demonstration, comprehensive evaluation, Dinghu Shanquan finally decided to cooperate with Newamstar and purchased two high-speed bottled water production lines in one go. In early 2009, with excellent sales, the existing production lines gradually could not meet production and sales needs. At Dinghu Shanquan’s invitation, Newamstar technically upgraded its existing production lines, greatly improving equipment production efficiency. Thus, Newamstar’s technologies and services were unanimously well received by Dinghu Shanquan’s relevant departments, laying a good foundation for long-term cooperation.

With continuously expanding market demand and rising user requirements, Dinghu Shanquan, with keen insight into market and equipment development trends, resolutely decided on a new project to solve supply-demand contradictions and meet public demand. Thus, purchasing domestically manufactured barrelled water production lines with the highest capacity, most advanced technology and safest operation was put on the agenda. Based on previous good cooperation, Newamstar was given priority opportunity to serve Dinghu Shanquan. This time, Dinghu Shanquan required unprecedented quantitative filling in the domestic barrelled water industry, with the advantage of extremely precise filling volumes accurate to the milliliter. This was not only a stringent test of Newamstar’s technical strength, but also a further challenge to equipment performance and manufacturing process. At the preliminary stage, Newamstar’s technical personnel tracked details, made bold assumptions, conducted repeated experiments, and communicated many times with Dinghu Shanquan’s engineers to continuously improve and coordinate equipment configuration and overcome technical difficulties. Finally, after nearly a month of technical communication and exchanges, the two parties reached consensus and formally signed a cooperation agreement for Newamstar to provide a complete line of 2,000 barrels/hour (including robotic depalletizing and other secondary packaging systems) fully automatic barrelled water production line.

Adhering to the fundamental principle of “being responsible for customers means being responsible for the market; being responsible for equipment means being responsible for brands”, Newamstar focuses on one-stop services for products. A special Dinghu Shanquan project team was set up. Under the supervision of the business division leadership, the technical department and production department worked together to optimize design based on the customer’s personalized needs and strictly control and inspect machining and assembly of product components. Through the joint efforts of both parties, China’s most technologically advanced and fastest rotating barrelled water production line was manufactured on schedule. When Dinghu Shanquan’s engineers came to the factory for inspection, they marveled that Newamstar’s manufacturing did not disappoint expectations and stood out from the rest.

The mountain winds whisper and the springs gurgle, guarding Dinghu Mountain’s grace in all four seasons. Under the moon-capped treetops, with deep affections, witnessed the charming style of the two enterprises. The meeting at the foot of Dinghu Mountain allowed Newamstar to once again create an industry legend and further solidify its position as China’s high-end liquid (beverage) packaging machinery expert and leader.