Newamstar Provides Customized Combi Lines for Parle Agro

In the East of the earth exist two populous countries with long histories – one is China, and the other is India. The towering Himalayas geographically separate the two ancient lands, but cannot block the bright illumination of brilliant civilizations on each other. The dozens of huge mountains and glaciers with crisscrossing borders have intercepted the moist air currents blowing from the Indian Ocean, but cannot hinder in-depth cooperation between the two friendly neighboring countries.

India has a vast territory and large population. The climate is mostly warm throughout the year. In recent years, with India’s rapid economic growth, continuous rise in income levels and consumption capacity of urban and rural consumers, demand for beverage consumption has remained in a stage of explosive growth. “Vibrant”, “growing”, “robust”, “doubling”, “automation upgrading” and more have become keywords describing the current development of India’s beverage market.

Parle Agro Group is a pioneer and trailblazer in India’s beverage industry, with nearly a century of history. It is India’s largest indigenous beverage company. In 1929, the Chauhan family founded Parle Products in Mumbai. When entering the carbonated beverage industry in 1959, they established Baroda Bottling Co. Pvt. Ltd., which is now the well-known Parle Agro.

Since 1985, Parle Agro Group has been committed to product innovation and building iconic new brands, striving to establish brand leadership in different categories and seize market share. Parle Agro’s Frooti brand is India’s first tetra pak juice drink, Appy is India’s first apple juice drink, Appy Fizz is India’s first juice-based carbonated beverage, Cafe Cuba is India’s first coffee carbonated beverage, and recently it innovatively launched the mango juice carbonated beverage brand Frooti Fizz.

Parle Agro Group has adopted a diversified growth strategy and innovative initiatives, not only connecting consumers but also achieving remarkable performance, becoming India’s fastest growing beverage company in recent years. As Parle Agro Group expands its market share and market demand keeps rising, rapidly increasing production capacity has become the most important part of its incremental growth strategy.

As one of the few global and the only domestic suppliers providing complete liquid (beverage) packaging solutions from pre-processing to intelligent warehousing systems, Newamstar established contact with Parle Agro Group as early as 2013. In October 2014, Parle Agro Chairman Prakash Chauhan and Technology Director Ashok Bhave personally led a technical team to visit Newamstar. After in-depth candid communication, Newamstar’s strong R&D capabilities, extensive whole plant project experience, advanced precision machining of parts, and modern enterprise management philosophy left a deep impression on the visitors from afar.

In 2016, Parle Agro Group initiated a plant production line automation upgrade plan. At that time, the numerous linear blow molders in its plants faced many disadvantages like low efficiency, high energy consumption, high defect rate, and large footprint. Becoming the first urgent issue needing resolution, Newamstar timely provided a 10-cavity rotary blow molder. Since being delivered, the equipment has been running at nearly 100% efficiency. The advanced technology, quality products and attentive service have deeply gained customer trust, laying a solid foundation for further in-depth cooperation between the two parties.

Parle Agro Chairman Chauchan is a legendary figure in India’s beverage industry. He has unique insights and decisive actions. In early 2018, Parle Agro Group launched the largest production capacity expansion plan in its company history. With the previous successful experience of cooperation on the rotary blow molder, Parle Agro signed cooperation agreements for 5 high-speed BFC Combiblock complete lines with Newamstar in one go. Since the peak season in India’s beverage market is mainly from January to June each year, the customer hoped the lines must be put into production before the peak season arrived.

Time was pressing and the mission arduous. Through the joint efforts of Newamstar and Parle Agro teams, overcoming various difficulties, the 5 high-speed BFC Combiblock complete lines were delivered on schedule in 2018 and put into efficient operation. The second hand-in-hand cooperation with Parle Agro greatly deepened cooperation between the two parties, enhanced mutual trust between the teams, and Newamstar also delivered satisfactory answers to the customer as promised. In April 2019, the two parties reached agreement again for 5 ultra-high-speed BFC Combiblock lines, all following logically and naturally.

From 2016 till now, Newamstar’s advanced high-speed BFC Combiblock production lines have been successively installed in Parle Agro Group’s factories across India, bringing healthy, nutritious and fresh consumption experiences to Indian consumers, and improving production efficiency and sustainable development capabilities for Parle Agro Group, escorting the smooth implementation of its growth strategy!

Those who wish to do their work well must first sharpen their tools. Newamstar will continue fulfilling the mission of “helping customers build ideal factories”, and providing tailored intelligent factory solutions as always! On the road ahead, Newamstar will cooperate more closely with Parle Agro Group to jointly ride winds and break waves, aggregating strength to sail far!