Newamstar Provides Customized High-End Mineral Water Production Line for Jinsha Spring

If you have been to Changxing County, Huzhou City, Zhejiang Province, you will easily notice that huge Jinsha Spring mineral water advertising boards stand prominently yet elegantly on both sides of nearby highways. One classic ad copy reads “Nourished drop by drop for thousands of years, health water Jinsha Spring”. The local elderly say this spring has a long history. According to Changxing County Annals, “By the Guzhu tribute tea house side, there is a spring gushing sand, bright as gold stars”, hence the name Jinsha Spring. Before Qingming Festival during the Tang Dynasty, the government specially used silver bottles to collect Jinsha Spring water to dedicate to Chang’an. History of the Tang Dynasty – Geography: “Jinsha Spring of Huzhou for tribute.” The great Tang poet Du Mu said: “The spring currents flow with golden sand, and the bud tea is along the purple wall”, referring to Jinsha Spring. Steeping the purple bamboo shoots tea with this spring created tea juice like a lawn, aromatic and penetrating to the taste, sweet yet biting, reaching to one’s heart and lungs. Thus it was called “purple shoot tea, Jinsha Spring”.

Zhejiang Jinsha Spring Mineral Water Co., Ltd. is located in Jinshan Village, Shuikou Town, Changxing County, with a total investment of 70 million RMB and covering 90,000 square meters. The annual production capacity is 100,000 tons of mineral water and 200,000 tons of spring water. Located in the economically prosperous Yangtze River Delta region, the company has significant regional economic advantages. After years of meticulous building, Jinsha Spring mineral water is now the largest in production scale in Zhejiang Province.

According to Jinsha Spring’s Chairman Mr. Liu Koubao, China is currently vigorously promoting natural mineral water and advocating national healthy drinking, to let more consumers understand how to drink healthily. As a drinking water producer, we not only need to meet consumers’ needs in the market, but also let consumers understand what kind of water is healthier to drink. Under the influence of such corporate beliefs, he firmly believes that to produce healthy and reliable good water, cooperation with the industry’s top equipment suppliers is a must, using world-class equipment for production.

In 2009, on the basis of existing plant construction and production equipment, Chairman Liu prepared to invest in a new plant and new equipment. The news quickly spread within the industry, and Newamstar, 150 km from Changxing, reacted at the first moment upon hearing it, and quickly contacted Chairman Liu for initial communication and exchange. Chairman Liu has a rugged exterior but delicate mind, and is meticulous and thoughtful in doing things. After fully understanding the whole beverage equipment industry and some well-known beverage packaging equipment suppliers, Chairman Liu personally came to investigate our company. The standardized operating procedures, standardized production management, clean and tidy plant environment, industry-leading machining capabilities, and world-class technical level all left a deep impression on Chairman Liu. We then accompanied Chairman Liu to visit the production sites of Jingtian and Yibao, further strengthening his confidence and leading to intimate cooperation between the two parties.

This project involved not only a high-speed mineral water production line, but also higher technical requirements for production technology and packaging technology – developing China’s first “bromate removal” water treatment system. Bromate is internationally recognized as a potential 2B carcinogen generated as a byproduct when natural water sources like mineral water undergo ozone disinfection. In 2009, new national standards Drinking Natural Mineral Water and Test Methods for Drinking Natural Mineral Water were officially implemented, stipulating bromate content limit per liter in drinking natural mineral water to not exceed 0.01 mg.

Industry trends and consumer health – to make Jinsha Spring water more eco-friendly, natural and healthy, Chairman Liu specially invited experts from De Nora to oversee water quality. De Nora has unique experience and technology in controlling carcinogenic bromate present in mineral water. Our technicians gained tremendously from the exchange. But “everything is difficult at the beginning”. The distance between theory and practice can only be felt by taking action. To overcome difficulties at an early date and meet national standards and expert requirements on product indicators, our technicians imposed pressure on themselves, focused on research, divided work and cooperated orderly. Looking up information, consulting experts; developing plans, carefully considering; drawing, with great attention to detail; selecting equipment, leaving no stone unturned. Brainstorming and group effort, countless sleepless nights, numerous arduous discussions, repeatedly anticipated experiments – “perseverance yields success”, we finally succeeded in developing China’s first bromate removal water treatment system.

Along with the gratification was fatigue, and joy mixed with pride. This project cooperation was a complete turnkey project, with Newamstar responsible for the complete line’s process design, equipment configuration and project installation. In addition to our own blow molder, filler, robotic palletizer, conveying system, auxiliary equipment like air compressor, labeler, paper box former were also outsourced. The entire project operation was smooth and orderly. Our experienced project manager and skilled commissioning engineers overcame one difficulty after another on site, and promptly contacted and scheduled supporting equipment suppliers for overall line coordinated commissioning. Ultimately, production of the first 20,000 cases of products was completed ahead of the customer’s required timeframe. During equipment commissioning, we also invested tremendous efforts in onsite training of the customer’s workshop operators and technicians, providing onsite guidance hand-in-hand until all onsite personnel were familiar with equipment operation and could independently monitor equipment operation. While the production line ran uninterrupted, Newamstar people made efforts to deliver a real turnkey project to the customer.

Jinsha Spring, as Zhejiang’s largest mineral water producer, advocates healthy drinking wholeheartedly producing good water; Newamstar, as the beverage packaging equipment industry leader, always adheres to the professional development path, wholeheartedly building first-class packaging equipment. Neighbors on the enterprise landmarks, partners in business growth, the two companies work hand-in-hand using top equipment and natural water sources to produce health water – Jinsha Spring, upholding it with love and responsibility to usher in its transformation!

With the beautiful blueprint drawn up and the horn of advance sounding, let us join hands, focus on the public’s healthy drinking life, advocate drinking healthy water, and unremittingly strive to improve life quality.