Newamstar Provides High-End Barreled Water Production Line for Myanmar’s Lucky Drinking Water

The Republic of the Union of Myanmar, commonly known as Myanmar, is a member state of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN). It is bordered by the Andaman Sea to the southwest, India and Bangladesh to the northwest, China to the northeast, Thailand and Laos to the southeast.

Myanmar is a country with a long history and civilization. After unification in 1044, it went through the warring years of feudal dynasties and external invasions, and declared independence in 1948 to establish the Union of Myanmar. Myanmar has a population of 52 million, with 70% being Burmese and the rest ethnic minorities, 3% being Chinese. The official language is Burmese.

Myanmar has a pleasant climate, abundant natural resources, prevalent Buddhism, and gentle people. Although it has 95% of the world’s jadeite jade and largest teak output, Myanmar’s industrial and agricultural development has been slow for years. In 1987, it was listed by the United Nations as one of the least developed countries in the world. Myanmar started implementing a market economy in 1989 and has gradually opened up to the outside world.

The development of tourism, cultural exchanges, and economic growth have brought intersections for us with this unfamiliar yet intimate country. We had the fortune to get acquainted with Mr. Wu from LUCKY DRINKING WATER COMPANY in 2009. Among the many equipment suppliers, Newamstar’s steady and rapid growth momentum, excellent machining equipment, smooth and efficient operation of customer factory equipment, as well as the down-to-earth and diligent Newamstar people left a deep impression on Mr. Wu.

After a thorough investigation of our company, LUCKY DRINKING WATER finally chose our 1,200BPH (5 gallon) barreled water production line.

The complete barreled water line adopts fully automatic assembly line production. According to the customer’s special barrel shape, a unique full stainless steel barrel basket mechanism is added on the barrel washer. The fully automatic barrel washer is designed with 19 working stations, fully enclosed structure, combined with efficient rotary lifting spray cleaning mechanism, greatly improving cleaning effect. The filling system adopts a rotary structure combining 12-station gravity filling and 4-station capping, breaking the drawbacks of original linear structure unable to achieve high-speed production, while adopting advanced mass flow meters for non-contact filling to ensure accurate and reliable filling volume. The barrel sleeving and bagging machine uses engineering plastics instead of V-belts to clamp barrels, extending equipment service life without damaging barrels. The complete line adopts PLC automation control system, with high precision and full coverage, controlling and detecting equipment operation, and achieving production parameter adjustment through independent touch screen, achieving the expected results of over 20% water conservation and over 10% energy saving. The complete line equipment has reasonable structure, excellent materials, and elegant appearance, closely catering to the characteristics of high-speed lines’ efficient and stable operation, gaining customer approval.

LUCKY DRINKING WATER is Myanmar’s first pure water plant, founded 18 years ago, producing bottled water and barreled water. The company is located in Mandalay, the famous cultural city that overseas Chinese affectionately call “Wa Cheng”. At that time, most people in Wa Cheng did not agree with Mr. Wu’s construction of the water plant, feeling that “water is free, why pay for drinking water? Isn’t that crazy?” But Mr. Wu firmly believed that as people’s living standards continue to improve, “buying water to drink” will definitely become a daily necessity. This did turn out to be the case. Under Mr. Wu’s operation and management, LUCKY DRINKING WATER has continued to this day, becoming a famous local water plant, not only promoting local economic development, but also steadily advancing Myanmar’s water market. Now, Mr. Wu’s company has insufficient barreled water supply, without even entering the warehouse for storage. The water is directly delivered to sales outlets upon production. Trucks line up going in and out, carrying hope, joy and prosperity, travelling through streets and alleys.

Today, the 1,200BPH barreled water line goes global, stably running at LUCKY DRINKING WATER and delivering Newamstar’s heartfelt friendship and expectation. We believe that like China, Myanmar’s water market will also undergo complex changes in the guiding and developing stages, presenting diversified development directions. We look forward to, amidst Myanmar’s water market rapid growth, providing more customers with the best equipment and services, enabling Myanmar to take off together with the world!