Newamstar Provides High-Speed Line for Pear Juice To SPSE Group

Since Newamstar developed China’s first high-speed PET bottle medium temperature filling production line in 2004, after just a few years of development, it has gradually matured and formed a certain market scale. This technology takes the temperature limit of ordinary PET bottles as the starting point, and achieves the purpose of product preservation without adding any preservatives through the matching filling production line, filling environment, and subsequent processes. This technology has passed provincial scientific and technological achievement appraisal. Experts believe that the PET beverage medium temperature filling production line can produce all products that high-temperature hot filling production lines can produce (including tea drinks, vegetable and fruit juice drinks, functional drinks, health drinks, etc.). Compared with high-temperature hot filling, this production line can significantly reduce packaging material costs. Compared with aseptic cold filling, it has the advantages of lower quality control risks and lower investment costs, making it more suitable for China’s national conditions, and can be gradually promoted.

With the rapid development of China’s economy and society and the sustained rapid growth of the beverage industry, the development of PET bottle medium temperature filling towards high-speed and filling material diversity seems to have become an inevitable trend.

And realizing high-speed and diversified PET bottle beverage medium temperature filling production lines is not simply enlarging and adjusting equipment. Compared with previous medium-low speed production lines, innovation and breakthroughs are needed in bottle disinfection before filling, bottle disinfection after filling, and air purification systems for the filling environment. After years of unremitting research and exploration, Newamstar has finally made breakthrough leaps in high-speed and diversified PET bottle beverage medium temperature filling production lines. Newamstar’s 18,000 bph medium temperature filling line successfully went into production for a pear juice project at SPSE Group in Shanxi, with the overall equipment level close to or reaching the current world advanced level. Its technical advantages are more prominent:

1. The bottle disinfection process is optimized to simplify disinfection equipment. We cooperate with world-renowned disinfectant manufacturers to use safer and more efficient disinfectants. The disinfectants are sprayed into the bottles in the form of a spray to disinfect, which greatly reduces disinfectant consumption and simplifies packaging disinfection equipment, reducing the equipment footprint. Most importantly, it is more suitable for high-speed medium temperature filling production lines.

2. To meet the requirements of production line high-speedization, Newamstar references and adopts the inverted bottle disinfection chain model of high-temperature filling production lines. At the same time, to meet the disinfection time requirements of bottle caps, the spray cooler is designed as a spray disinfector to make up for the lack of inverted bottle disinfection time, allowing the product to be fully sterilized before cooling.

3. New features of key equipment (bottle disinfection twice, rinsing, filling, capping, and 5-in-1 machine) for the whole production line:

·Adopting air conveyor and direct connection with infeed starwheel techniques, the infeed starwheel adopts an innovative bottle mouth clamping mechanism with bottle separating function, eliminating the need for an infeed screw and conveyor chains, and no parts require replacement or adjustment when changing bottle types.

·Bottle transfer adopts bottle neck clamping technology throughout, with bottle mouth clamps replacing traditional starwheels. No adjustment is needed when changing bottle types.

·Specially designed full stainless steel bottle clamps are sturdy and durable, not contacting the threaded parts of the bottle mouth, avoiding secondary contamination of the bottle mouth.

·Adopting direct connection of UHT with filler to reduce contamination.

·Rotary parts and stationary parts of disinfectant bottle rinser, sterile water bottle rinser, filler, capper, transition starwheels, etc. are isolated by liquid compartments, effectively protecting carbon steel parts like bearings from disinfectant corrosion. At the same time, intrusion of external air is prevented to maintain a clean filling environment.

·Equipped with HEPA air purification system and isolation windows, with purified air curtains at bottle infeed and outfeed to prevent contaminated air from entering the cleanroom.

The successful cooperation on this project signifies Newamstar’s new breakthrough in applying medium temperature filling technology in the field of neutral beverages, elevating medium temperature filling technology to a new height, leaving domestic and foreign counterparts far behind. The fully automated production line and national highest standard clean plant provided by our company for SPSE Group adopt the most advanced UHT flash pasteurization technology to preserve the natural nutrients of the products. Every Newamstar product and production line contains the power of wisdom and is filled with the true feelings of dedication, matching market demands, highlighting personalized styles. Every detail, overall assembly, all showcase the elegance of China’s high-end liquid (beverage) packaging machinery expert and leader. Newamstar’s efforts have injected new vitality into the next takeoff of SPSE Group’s series of beverages as a national Spark Plan project.

Currently, in the rapid advance and coordinated development of various industries in the “12th Five-Year” journey, all regions are actively developing high-quality agricultural products with outstanding characteristics and remarkable benefits based on local agricultural realities, to meet the diverse consumption needs of urban and rural residents, and continuously promote farmer income increases, enterprise efficiency improvements and industry development. As part of the entire industrial chain, Newamstar, an excellent equipment supplier in China’s beverage packaging industry, will further focus on the needs of fruit and vegetable processing enterprises, work to expand the application of medium temperature filling technology in the field of neutral beverages, adhere to technological progress, adhere to innovation and development, and make our best efforts to contribute to the sustained economic growth during the “12th Five-Year Plan” period and the quality life of the general public.