Newamstar Provides Seawater Desalination Bottled Water Production Line Solution to Hyosung HGS

Speaking of Korean Hyosung, we have a long history, as neighbors, friends and partners. In recent years, with the mission of leading human life and the guidance of manufacturing future technologies, Hyosung continues to surpass dreams and challenges. Through outstanding value-based management, it delivers the highest value to global customers. With seven business divisions at its core, and relying on its unique expertise, leading technologies, and global production and sales networks covering over 50 countries and regions, Hyosung is committed to creating a better life for humankind.

Established in 1962, Hyosung HGS is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Hyosung Group. As Korea’s largest supplier of water pumps and freshwater treatment equipment, it produces high-quality pumps for power plant use as well as for petrochemical, marine, construction, residential, industrial, freshwater equipment and other applications. At the same time, HGS is also a professional contracting company with extensive experience in project construction and procurement, installation of various food and beverage production lines.

Newamstar’s cooperation with HGS began in 2008. That year, HGS purchased a 450BPM bottled water filling production line all at once, including RBM20 fully automatic rotary blow molding machine, XGFH60 bottled water filler, fully automatic shrink wrapper and robotic palletizer.

It was mainly used for deep sea water bottling production. As deep sea water contains properly proportioned mineral elements that are easily absorbed by the human body, the product became a bestseller in several Asian countries as soon as it was launched, achieving outstanding sales performance.

The good beginning and pleasant interactions laid the seeds of hope for further cooperation in the future.

Geographically, east of the Korean Peninsula above the Sea of Japan, there is an island called Ulleungdo. With thriving coastal fisheries and forests covering 67% of the total island area and abundant forest products, Ulleungdo is named after its lush forests. The desirable beaches, crystal clear waters, seagulls dancing in the sky from time to time, and the warm and honest islanders attract tourists from all over the world to come here for vacation and leisure, and also attract many companies to tap the business value here, thus driving the rapid economic development of the local area.

As the largest conglomerate in South Gyeongsang Province, Korea, recognizing the high-quality water resources of Ulleungdo and the rise of the local deep sea water market, DA Group resolutely established “Ulleungdo Deep Sea Water Company” on Ulleungdo Island in 2009 to build a plant for deep sea water exploitation. Thus, HGS naturally became the most suitable contractor for the whole project.

“Good horses go with good saddles”. In light of the smooth operation of Newamstar’s production line in Phase I of the project, HGS contacted Newamstar again without hesitation, and signed a purchase contract in August 2010 to acquire a 250BPM fully automatic deep sea water filling production line, including RBM12 fully automatic rotary blow molder, XGF32H bottled water filler, fully automatic labeling machine, shrink wrapper and robotic palletizer. At the end of January 2011, the acceptance inspection team consisting of HGS and Ulleungdo Deep Sea Water Company came to Newamstar’s factory for equipment acceptance. After repeated inspections, 100% of Newamstar’s equipment passed, and the overall line acceptance was quickly completed within one day. In February, the equipment was successfully delivered to the customer’s plant. In May, the installation and commissioning of the entire line was successfully completed. Newamstar engineers’ professional skills and dedication were unanimously praised by the customer, further convincing them that Newamstar’s high-quality equipment and timely and thoughtful services will surely lend a helping hand in promoting their new product to the market.

The successful operation of this project also marked Newamstar’s cooperation with Korean company HGS moving up to a new level. The two parties will cooperate more closely to provide Korean customers with perfect solutions with quality products and sincere services.
There are various definitions for deep sea water, but in the context of resource utilization, it refers to seawater below 200 meters from the sea surface. Compared with shallow sea water, due to almost no sunlight penetration below 200 meters, there is almost no photosynthesis here. Therefore, bacteria and pathogens that rely on organic matter generated from photosynthesis can hardly propagate here, so deep sea water is less polluted by chemicals and bacteria, while containing richer inorganic nutrients, including nitrogen and phosphorus. In other words, due to the natural purification, deep sea water always maintains a clean state. With sunlight unable to reach, the water temperature is naturally lower than the surface layer.

The application of deep sea water is extensive, covering drinking water, food, cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries. But currently in Korea it is limited to the production of bottled drinking water, with consumers being mostly urban residents. Due to the higher price, the popularity of deep sea drinking water will not have a major impact on ordinary bottled mineral water.

At present, deep sea water products have been mass-produced in Japan and the United States, and Korea and Norway have also started production. Different from traditional energy sources like oil and minerals, although the utilization efficiency of deep sea water is very low, it has no destructive effect on the environment, and is also a permanently renewable resource. Therefore, the utilization of deep sea water has broad market prospects.