Newamstar’s Aseptic Production Line Assists Dali Peanut Milk in Industrial Upgrading

Since the 1980s, China’s beverage industry has undergone five waves – carbonated drinks, bottled drinking water, tea beverages, fruit juices, and functional drinks. With improving living standards and the gradual advent of a moderately prosperous society, consumers’ concepts of beverages have also taken on distinct characteristics of the times. The role of beverages is no longer limited to quenching thirst, but has begun to take on nutritional, health and even emotional, spiritual and cultural needs of consumers. Thus, natural, nutritional, healthy and green plant protein beverages stand out from the colorful beverage family, becoming the next wave of beverage consumption hotspots. More importantly, unlike the traditional five major dominant product categories, the current plant protein beverage industry has a relatively stable market structure and relatively mild market competition. Product categories lack innovation and no nationwide dominant brands have emerged yet, leaving tremendous room for development and good prospects.

Consumer research shows that “peanut milk is very nutritious” is the most common perception consumers have of peanut milk. Peanuts nourishing blood and milk being nutritious are also the most direct associations consumers have with this product name. As peanuts and milk both contain abundant nutrients, and have good mouthfeel and flavor, the scientific combination of the two to produce peanut milk beverages caters to market consumption trends and meets people’s needs amid improving consumption levels, also possessing certain grade as a new type of drink. As the leader in the plant protein beverage field, peanut milk will surely gain popularity among domestic and foreign consumers, winning a broad market and opportunities.

“Achieving harmony and benefiting all”. Since successfully entering the beverage market in 2007, Fujian Dali Group has actively deepened its product mix, expanded market layout, enhanced the Dali brand effect, and quickly become China’s largest ethnic brand food production enterprise.

Deep plowing of the terminal market has enabled Dali Group to quickly grasp the development opportunity of peanut milk beverages, and take peanut milk as the breakthrough in the beverage industry in 2011. Leveraging Newamstar’s technological and service advantages in aseptic lines, Dali completed a gorgeous transformation from a beverage market follower to leader. It occupied the plant protein beverage product category market, accelerating, facilitating, leading and driving the advent of the plant protein beverage era, using category growth to achieve faster brand growth.

Domestically, there are currently three packaging forms for peanut milk in the market – cans, Tetra Pak and PET bottles. The first two are mainly sold in third-tier markets and catering channels, while PET bottled peanut milk has entered the instant drink consumer market, which is also the mainstream market with the largest output for the entire beverage industry.

How to maintain the nutritional composition of peanut milk while retaining the original mouthfeel and flavor of the drink became the biggest headache for Dali people. Peanut milk is a neutral beverage. Microbial control during production is extremely stringent with high quality control requirements and technical difficulty. Meanwhile, higher requirements and standards are imposed on packaging equipment operation reliability and filling environment.

We help solve customers’ problems and fulfill their wishes. Upon first learning about Dali’s new product promotion plan, after multiple joint technical problem-solving with Dali’s process experts, both parties finalized the aseptic cold filling process solution for PET bottled peanut milk.

Confidence stems from self-assurance and success from practice. Since Dali started beverage development, Newamstar has been paying close attention, preparing itself, and providing excellent equipment and products. After years of experience developing aseptic cold filling technology, Newamstar has long grown into a pioneer and leader of aseptic cold filling technology in China. Recalling the early days, China’s first aseptic filling line overcame difficulties and was successfully born, establishing Newamstar’s leading position in beverage packaging. Since then, continuous upgrading and innovation, incorporating low-carbon and environmental protection philosophies, have made us more suited to high-end market demands, comparable with top international products, greatly elevating international influence.

With Newamstar’s full support, Dali people’s unremitting efforts, contracting, manufacturing, installation, commissioning, validation – everything was done successfully in one go. Pre-sales – we were sincere and candid; During sales – we carefully designed, turning monotonous drawings into vivid equipment, and carried out onsite installation and commissioning; After-sales – we set up specialized service teams to make return visits to Dali’s production plants for real-time usage feedback.

During the entire project implementation, Newamstar formed a training team led by the Technical Director focused on staged technical training for Dali’s frontline operators – from understanding the structure through schematics and 3D drawings to onsite demonstrations, from fault elimination drills to technical tests. Starting from scratch, hand-in-hand and face-to-face, patiently explaining over and over, chapter by chapter, operation by operation, combining theory with practice, conducting systematic inspection and maintenance, strictly administering every step until the trainees could independently operate and single-handedly take charge. Transforming the complex into simple, and unfamiliar into familiar – once equipment, procedures, operation, responsiveness, maintenance all became familiar, we were finally assured to deliver the equipment for use.

Every procedure, every production line, every bottle of peanut milk carries Dali people’s original aspirations and beautiful wishes, while also silently telling of Newamstar’s meticulous care. Compared with traditional packaging, aseptic cold filling technology conducted at normal temperatures not only helps Dali achieve product diversity, but also greatly reduces packaging weight, saving materials, energy and costs, gaining Dali first-mover advantage in the market.

Smoothly rotating equipment and sincere filling carry the feelings of Newamstar and Dali – two outstanding enterprises using consummate craftsmanship, scientific management, strict control and quality to jointly shape new glories.

Through wind and rain, changing seasons, Dali’s advancing footsteps remain firm. Year after year, as time flows by, Newamstar’s enthusiasm and feelings for serving liquid food enterprises remain unchanged. As China’s high-end liquid (beverage) packaging machinery expert and leader, we will continue the efforts, join hands with Dali to revitalize the ethnic industry and build a harmonious China!