Newamstar’s Customized High-Speed Blow Molder Facilitates Strategic Cooperation Between SiMon Shenzhen and C’estbon

Shenzhen, also known as “The City of The Roc”, is located on the east bank of the Pearl River Delta and was China’s first special economic zone. After 30 years of construction and development, Shenzhen has evolved from a former border town into a modern metropolis with a population of tens of millions. It boasts a prosperous economy, harmonious society, complete infrastructure, and beautiful environment, creating a miracle in the history of industrialization, urbanization and modernization worldwide.

Shenzhen is a typical immigrant city, gathering people from all over China and integrating cultures from all directions. In August 2011, the 26th Summer Universiade was successfully held here, not only fully demonstrating Shenzhen’s achievements in 30 years of reform and opening up, but also showcasing the unique urban charm of Shenzhen, enhancing the city’s international influence.

Walking on the streets of Shenzhen, one’s eyes are filled with the gathering of the young, fashionable and beautiful, the fresh and tidy urban facade, conveying a fast-paced modern atmosphere. The festive colors and crowds exude youthful vitality and confidence, weaving dreams and aspirations. All kinds of creative activities abound, and various brand stories resonate grandly.

If you have been to Shenzhen, the pride arising in your heart will always be more than just boldness. Because from here begins a different kind of splendor…

Shenzhen SiMon Plastic Packaging Products Co., Ltd. is a large enterprise mainly engaged in injection molding, blow molding, high/low-pressure blown films and mold research and development of various PET, PE, PP, PC plastics, widely used in mineral water, beverages, food, medicine, daily chemicals, petrochemicals, cosmetics and other plastic packaging industries. The company has 8 subsidiaries located in Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Tianjin, Beijing, Chengdu, Xinxiang, Hunan, Maanshan and elsewhere. In PET projects, SiMon is the largest preform supplier for C’estbon Shenzhen plant, with nearly 10 years of cooperative history.

In May 2010, SiMon and C’estbon Shenzhen plant reached a consensus on blow molding and filling line connection, meaning the blow molder and filler are directly connected by air conveyors, eliminating intermediate transportation and corrugated packaging costs, while also considering factors like scratching by bottle unscramblers. Once initiated, the two parties carefully investigated and demonstrated the project for nearly half a year before finalizing it in November.

Although the blow molding equipment was in direct transaction with SiMon, in some aspects, SiMon controlled the equipment procurement according to C’estbon’s relevant technical clauses. At that time, there were several other companies competing for the project with us. SiMon and C’estbon carefully reviewed each company’s proposal, conducting comprehensive comparative analysis of equipment configuration, operation stability, energy consumption, etc. Based on our 5 years of pleasant cooperation history with C’estbon, and the resonance between our blow molding technology’s low-carbon, energy-saving design philosophy and their interests, Newamstar was finally selected.

The 20-cavity small shuttle blow molder ordered by SiMon was a brand new model requiring new design, development and production, which posed a new challenge and pressure to our company! Under the circumstances of tight production and supply schedule, queued orders, inadequate resources, etc., from design to overall assembly, it took only 6 months, with two sets of equipment freshly produced, greatly boosting morale.

With close cooperation across company departments, the equipment was officially delivered in May this year, with one set matching our 30,000 bph (555ml) bottled water production line, and one set matching the 30,000 bph (355ml) bottled water production line from Italian company SIPA. During onsite installation and commissioning, considering the customer runs 23 hours a day with high workload on new equipment, we proposed using the original bottle unscrambler as a backup to relieve pressure on the blow molder, thus saving time for maintenance of the blow molder and allowing the shortest time for the blow molding line connection to achieve maximum efficiency. This proposal was unanimously approved by SiMon and C’estbon. During this period, we also provided energy-saving technical improvement solutions like high-pressure air recovery, greatly reducing SiMon’s air consumption and truly achieving effective energy conservation. From R&D design to installation and commissioning, from theoretical research to application, with technology as the guide and service as the foundation, advocating low-carbon lifestyle and practicing resource conservation, we have always catered to the customer’s needs, paying attention to every detail, and brought the effectiveness of technology into full play. Looking at equipment from the customer’s perspective and examining equipment from the industry’s height, experiencing equipment with the operator’s scale, tapping the potential of equipment, building premium services, and achieving win-win cooperation.

After more than one month of trial run, the efficiency of the two sets of equipment reached SiMon’s expected target, not only helping customers save packaging, transportation, turnover and other costs, but also facilitating on-site online quality control and testing for C’estbon. For us, this truly realized the complete line of blow molding, filling and end packaging connection at C’estbon’s plant, consolidating our leading position as an industry leader.

Today, Newamstar’s scientific and technological strength is growing stronger, innovation capabilities increasing daily, with 36,000 bph high-speed blow molders already in application, and 36,000 bph blow-fill-cap units successfully operating in beverage OEM plants! “A pole’s length sets the height, but skill will make it better”, for the same C’estbon and the same aspiration, SiMon and Newamstar motivate each other and promote each other. While making due contributions to industry development, we will join hands and march into the avenue of stars!