Apple Juice Complete Bottling Line

SKU: Combiblock 2-1-5

  • The filling valve is designed with the tidy and safe valve body, the material quality can be fully guaranteed.
  • A sterilization process for a variety of packaging materials to meet the needs of various products.
  • Unique high-pressure gas recovery system that saves more than 30% of compressed air.
  • Filling methods with a variety of flow rates can achieve alternate filling speeds to meet different characteristics of beverage filling.
  • Automated process inspection, control, and data report and record systems to provide aseptic monitoring for all key aspects of the production line.
  • Complete CIP, COP, SIP, SOP cleaning systems to ensure the process safety of the filling environment.



As the world’s leading supplier of liquid packaging solutions, Newamstar delivered its first packaging machine in 1986 and has been innovating ever since.

Newamstar has consistently provided complete intelligent equipment and comprehensive solutions including pre-treatment, water treatment, blow molding, filling, secondary packaging, handling robots, and intelligent stereoscopic warehouses, etc. for global beverage production plants.

From exportation of the first production to nearly two thousand production lines around the world, from aseptic cold filling technology, ultra-clean filling technology, high-speed combi technology to introduction and application of automatic warehouse, from a single machinery supplier to a comprehensive integrated service provider, Newamstar, with forward-looking innovative concept, first-class product quality, quick and thoughtful service, has established a healthy international image, won an unprecedented position in the industry, and attracted more and more customers’ attention worldwide.

  • Applicable Products: Juices, tea drinks, functional drinks, milk drinks, etc.
  • Suitable Container: PET bottles of various shapes and capacities
  • Filling Modes: Contact filling or non-contact filling
  • Production Capacity: 12,000 bottles/hour – 60,000 bottles/hour
1. Whole-Plant Project

With high-quality equipment, perfect service, and strong turn-key service capabilities, Newamstar helps customers achieve a high-efficiency operation of equipment and technical innovation and upgrade to join hands with customers for a win-win situation.

2.After-Sales Support

With the expansion of the global market, Newamstar will, relying on six domestic and overseas service centers, provide technical support and after-sales services to customers all over the world to protect the development of customers’ business.

3.Spare Parts

Taking full consideration of customers’ actual situation and needs, Newamstar will ensure the stable operation of their equipment according to the operation of the customers’ factory and provide spare parts support for them in time.


Greater customer benefits
Running production tasks shall require significantly less time and effort, allowing customers to focus entirely on their core business.

Greater flexibility
Customers shall be in a position to increase their adaptability and react flexibly to changes in the market or in their business models.

Greater profitability
System performance shall be adapted to the required availability, thus increasing profitability by minimizing staffing, reducing wear, and decreasing energy consumption.

We can help you capitalize on today’s innovative technologies to become more agile, respond effectively to change, improving the entire line of production efficiency, reducing investment costs, energy consumption and maintenance costs, and position your business for a successful future.

From the filling method and output, through to the level of hygiene: Newamstar specialists will be only too pleased to provide you with advice on the best system to use in your bottling line.

· Since 1995, Newamstar has started the development of blowing-filling-capping combiblocks. The first generation product was a three-in-one filling machine, also the prototype of blowing-filling-capping combiblocks. In the early entrepreneurial period of the 1990s, it was then called Sanxing Sheet Metal Machinery Factory.
· In 1999, Newamstar developed low-speed ultra-clean filling equipment and aseptic filling machines.
· In 2003, Newamstar developed low-speed large capacity aseptic production lines and fully automatic edible oil filling machines.
· In 2006, Newamstar developed blowing-filling-capping combiblocks that can reach 12,000 bottles per hour and PET beer blowing-filling-capping integrated production lines.
· In 2008, Newamstar developed particulate beverage blowing-filling-capping integrated packaging technology and robot secondary packaging systems.
· In 2009, Newamstar developed low-ozone bottled water blowing-filling-capping integrated production technology.
· In 2010, Newamstar developed blowing-filling-capping integrated production lines with packaging technology that can reach 36,000 bottles per hour.
· In 2011, Newamstar developed intelligent integrated production equipment for liquid seasoning and household chemicals, as well as aseptic filling production lines that can reach 43,200 bottles per hour.
· In 2012, Newamstar developed PET bottle blowing-filling-capping combiblocks that can reach 51,000 bottles per hour.
· In 2013, Newamstar developed digital workshops for aseptic packaging of PET bottled liquid milk.
· In 2014, Newamstar developed ultra-high-speed PET bottle blowing-filling-capping combiblocks that can reach 80,000 bottles per hour, the first equipment in China to reach this production speed, and delivered it to Ganten Group. In addition, intelligent warehousing systems and aseptic blowing-filling-capping combiblocks were also developed.
· In 2015, Newamstar developed the seventh generation of aseptic cold filling technology.
· In 2016, Newamstar developed ozone-free mineral water blowing-filling-capping combiblocks and integrated intelligent beverage factory solutions.
· In 2017, Newamstar developed the application technology for blowing-filling-capping integrated production lines and integrated intelligent factory solutions.
· In 2018, Newamstar developed integrated high-speed aseptic blowing-filling-capping application technology.
· In 2019, Newamstar developed the Starbloc (integrated blowing, labeling, filling and capping equipment).
· From 2020 till now, Newamstar has developed products and technologies including the Starpack (shrink wrapping and film wrapping integrated equipment).

Newamstar is a publicly listed company focusing on integrated intelligent factory solutions for liquid products (stock code 300509). Newamstar is committed to providing integrated solutions and turnkey services for intelligent factories of liquid products.

Over the years, Newamstar has always adhered to the concept of “innovation-driven development and quality wins market”. Focusing on the five major fields of beverages, dairy products, liquors, seasonings and household chemicals, Newamstar provides complete intelligent equipment and solutions including water treatment, pre-mixing, bottle blowing, filling, secondary packaging, handling robots, and intelligent stereoscopic warehouses for customers worldwide.

Newamstar can provide planning, design and implementation of integrated intelligent factory projects for customers, from product formula and process support, simulation and design of product bottles, to overall solution planning for customer factories. From R&D and design of core equipment, custom development of software platforms, to full life cycle services of engineering projects, Newamstar keeps pace with the times and keeps innovating.

So far, Newamstar has served many well-known factories around the world including Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Danone, Master Kong, Wahaha, Dali, C’estbon, Ganten, Eastroc Beverage, Tsingtao Brewery, Yihai Kerry, COFCO, Haday, Luhua, Hengshun, Nice, etc. Newamstar has installed over 2,200 production lines in more than 80 countries and regions worldwide, realizing the dream of “Made in China, Made for World”.

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