Automatic Packaging Machine For Liquor

SKU: Combiblock 12

  • External long-tube mechanical valve, or short-tube flow meter filling. CO2 is used to fully replace the air in the PET bottle, effectively reducing the oxygen content in the bottle.
  • Adjustable high-efficiency spray nozzle. The PET beer bottle can be fully cleaned, while at the same time saving the amount of washing water.
  • The level and pressure of the filling cylinder are controlled by analog level probes and precision control valves, respectively.
  • CO2 concentration compensation device in the filling cylinder to ensure stable pressure and high purity of CO2 back pressure.
  • Capping machine is equipped with a high-pressure squeezing device in front of it so that the resident air at the bottleneck can be reduced to a minimum value.
  • The whole machine is equipped with a centralized lubrication system, which lubricates each lubrication point and is particularly convenient for maintenance.



Newamstar business covers five major fields; beverage, dairy, wine, condiment and household & personal care products and consistently provides a turnkey project solution from beverage processing, water treatment, blowing & filling & capping, secondary package, packer and automatic warehouse for global beverage plants. From previous beverage formula technology support to layouts of clients’ plants, from later designs and installation of devices to operators’ multi-training and local services, Newamstar successfully provides outstanding equipment and services for Coca-cola, Danone, Nestle and Otsuka, etc many famous enterprises and has been exported to more than 80 countries and regions.

  • Filling Mode: Mechanical valve filling or electronic valve filling
  • Production Capacity: 5,000 bottles/hour – 48,000 bottles/hour
1. Whole-Plant Project

With high-quality equipment, perfect service, and strong turn-key service capabilities, Newamstar helps customers achieve a high-efficiency operation of equipment and technical innovation and upgrade to join hands with customers for a win-win situation.

2.After-Sales Support

With the expansion of the global market, Newamstar will, relying on six domestic and overseas service centers, provide technical support and after-sales services to customers all over the world to protect the development of customers’ business.

3.Spare Parts

Taking full consideration of customers’ actual situation and needs, Newamstar will ensure the stable operation of their equipment according to the operation of the customers’ factory and provide spare parts support for them in time.